Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clearance Heart & Engraved Snaps

Prices on engraved snaps in sizes 20 and 16 and heart snaps are significantly reduced as we make room for new products coming soon. You'll find them in Clearance section at KAMsnaps.com.

USPS Delivery Delays in December

It's December, the holidays are coming, and weather is bad in many locations across the country and the world. Please expect mail to take longer than usual. Don't wait until the last minute to order and expect it to be delivered within a few days. We're not saying it won't be, but we are saying don't be surprised if it takes a lot longer.

* When you receive the shipping email with a tracking / delivery confirmation #, please note it provides ESTIMATED delivery time. Not guaranteed, just estimated. If you don't receive your package within the estimated time frame, don't worry, that's normal! If you do receive your package within the estimated time frame, proceed with happy dance.

* Per the USPS website: Is the scheduled delivery day guaranteed? Priority Mail remains a NON-guaranteed service. The Postal Service does NOT provide a money-back guarantee if items sent via Priority Mail fail to arrive by the scheduled delivery date.

* The "tracking" number provided by USPS is not always updated until AFTER delivery. If you don't see any updates, that's normal too. We understand that may "never have happened to you before, " but that's what everyone says until it happens to them.

* Severe weather is affecting delivery in multiple states and countries. Even if you don't live in these states, if your mail needs to pass through these areas, you will be affected. Refer to USPS Service Alerts.

* Even without the severe weather conditions, the holidays are a busy time for the post office. Delivery gets slower every year at this time just because there are so many packages being sent, so everybody should expect delays.

* Once a package leaves our hands, there is really very little we can do. You can contact the general post office number or your local branch to see if they can provide more info, but in most cases, they won't be able to. Your package is simply en route as normal, albeit a little slower than normal. If the post office can't tell you where your package is, it's unlikely we'll be able to.

* Please allow at least 14 days for US delivery before entering freak-out mode. Yes, for priority mail too. Yes, even if USPS estimates 1-3 days. No, it doesn't usually take 14 days, but yes, it can and occasionally even takes twice as long. Definitely do not start worrying after only a few business days. International orders will take even longer. Visit our Shipping page for  "realistic" delivery estimates.

* We process orders as quickly as we humanly can. That's usually 1 or *gasp!* 2 days. Please don't wait until the last minute to order and then expect it to be shipped out the same day because that's unlikely to happen. (At least until the bots we are working on building stop exploding.)

To recap, what we are basically trying to convey is to just be patient and allow more time than usual for delivery. Delays are normal this time of year, and stressing or complaining won't get your package delivered any faster. Order early to better avoid the need for nail-biting.

Have a nice cup of hot tea or cocoa and stay warm! Don't forget, Santa's watching!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rusty's Story

3.5 years ago, we rescued a senior dog named Buddy from an animal shelter. It's heartbreaking to think of any dog at a shelter but even more so when it's a senior one. Buddy's hair was overgrown and matted. After we had it shaved off, we found he was covered in ticks and lumps, which the vet felt were not a threat thankfully.

Buddy was one of the sweetest dogs ever. Calm, gentle, friendly with children, strangers, dogs, and cats alike. I couldn't imagine any dog person not wanting him for a dog. And to think, he was going to be euthanized. (I try not to think about all the other wonderful dogs that can't be saved.)

After a few months, when he was in good health, we found a home for him with a therapist that took him to her office every day, where he met and hung out with her patients. We thought it was a great match since he loved people.

But 2 years later (last year), his mom unexpectedly passed away from cancer. Rusty, as he was then called, came back to us because that was what his mom had wanted.

We searched again for a new home for him. We screened several interested families/individuals but wanted to wait until we found the most perfect home we could imagine for this ever sweet dog who had already been in and out of so many different homes. And finally we found one. Rusty was adopted again last Halloween. Earlier this week, we received this email from his mom:

"It was a year ago today that I brought Rusty home. Hard to believe! To celebrate, we did his favorite things all day (beach day + a few deli slices of roast beef!). He's tuckered out now, sleeping on the couch next to me. I have attached a few pics from the day. He doesn't usually "smile" in pictures, but I think you can tell he is happy in a couple of them.

I don't think I can really put into words what it means to have Rusty in my life. We do everything together, almost 24/7. He is like another limb. You have probably seen from Facebook how he comes to work at the office daily. He is very beloved there, and made the official company Facebook page for his Halloween costume.

I just cannot imagine my life without Rusty in it.

He has gotten a little slower and stiffer (now taking MSM/glucosamine and using a step stool to get in the car)...lately he seems to be losing some hearing, too. He is in very good health though, and just a champ for enthusiasm every day. With lots of naps mixed in.

I can't thank you both again for the wonderful gift that is Rusty. He is a treasure, and I try very hard to keep him happy and healthy and beloved. We are super bonded to each other, and most people assume he has been my dog since he was a puppy. (I wish that were true.)

I just wanted to give you an update and share my thanks.

-[Rusty's mom]"

You can see the Before & After photos of when he was at the shelter and now, hanging out on the beach!

This was a long story but I wanted to share it because without you, our customers and supporters, we wouldn't be able to do things like this. I hope you can imagine just how much joy it brings us to know we can make a little difference in the lives of these dogs. To guide them through their journey from unwanted to beloved is an amazing experience and because of you all, it's something we have been lucky enough to do time and time again. The words are simple but we mean them deeply: Thank You.

Monday, November 18, 2013

KAMsnaps.com Has a New Look

KAMsnaps.com has been given a facelift, which we hope will improve your shopping experience.  All the same great items, just organized a bit differently.  We will continue to make tweaks, so don't be surprised to see more changes in the coming months.

We've added and modified information presented on the site to better answer most of your questions about a product.  We respond to hundreds of emails every week. In the course of years, that's translated into tens of thousands.  And all this time, every single email, every single Facebook message, has been answered by just 1 person (many of you can guess who!).  That means we know what kind of questions are out there, and the confusion that many new snap users may face.  It's one of the benefits to being a very small, family business. The information at KAMsnaps.com was compiled and organized to answer the most commonly asked questions as clearly and concisely as possible. 

You will notice some other changes, such as to pricing and programs, now and to come.  With these changes, most of you will end up paying less, some significantly so, and that was our ultimate goal.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

KAMsnaps Black Friday Deals Start Now!


Avoid the rush and shop early. Our Black Friday deals are available right now!
Huge price reduction on most products
      ♦ Snap pliers for under $10.
      ♦ Professional presses as low as $49.99 with free US shipping.
      ♦ Size 20 glossy and matte snaps, sizes 16 and 14, and stars and hearts are all 20%+ off.
      ♦ Metal snaps and dies are also significantly reduced.
      ♦ Browse our store to see all the amazing savings!
  • Exclusive FREE engraved Tardis and glow-in-the-dark snaps
  • 100 MORE free snaps
  • 10 FREE plastic clips or pacifier rings
  • FREE shipping
  • Incredible savings on volume orders
 Click here for full details.

$600 Donated to Hope for the Warriors

On Veterans' Day, we put our exclusive engraved Tardis snaps for sale, with 100% of proceeds going to Hope for the Warriors, a non-profit organization that "provides support to wounded U.S. service members, their families, and families of the fallen."

We raised $480.63 and added a little extra so that our total donation to this wonderful cause was $600.  Thank you to everybody that helped us make a small difference in the lives of the heroes we could never hope to fully repay.

We are celebrating 9,000 Fan Likes on Facebook with another snap press giveaway.  Enter here.  Good luck!

Friday, October 4, 2013

New KAM Snaps Custom Colors

We have some great new snap colors available in size 20 glossy KAM snaps. Available here.

D312 MagentaD315 Squash

Free KAM Snaps

  • FREEBIE FRIDAY--TODAY ONLY!  Purchase of 25+: 100 Pacific Blue size 20 snap sets. Use coupon pacific at checkout. Don't forget, Freebie Friday happens the 1st Friday of every month!
  • Purchase of $35+: 50 glow-in-the-dark snap sets. Click here for coupon code and full disclosures.  Not for purchase. Want to see it for sale in the future?  Write a review for these snaps here (click Add Review near the bottom of the page) so we know what you think of them.
  • Purchase of $55+: 100 size 20 Tardis Blue snap sets, including 100 engraved Tardis caps. Click here for coupon code.  Very limited supply!
Coupons cannot be combined; 1 coupon per order. Each coupon can be used 1 time per customer. Please double check your order confirmation email to ensure the snaps were properly added to your order.


KAM Snaps Deal of the Month: 30% Off 1,000 Heart Sets

  • 100 heart sets x 10 select colors = 1,000 sets for only $47.25 + free US shipping. That's 30% off! While supplies last.
  • A grab bag of 1,000 size 20 sets (4000 pcs) in assorted colors for $22.99.
  • 500 identical size 20 pieces in selected colors for only $3.99; 1,000 pcs for only $7.25.
  • 100 size 16 pieces in selected colors for $0.75.
  • 600 mixed color heart or star caps are only $13.99--30% off!
  • Wholesale special (perfect for resellers and co-ops): 500 hearts or stars in your choice of color are 30% off.
  • View these specials and more in our Sale section.

Enter to Win 1 of 35 Hand-Crafted Prizes!

35 awesome and talented small businesses have each sponsored a lovely hand-crafted prize in our current vendor giveaway. From unpaper towels to bibs, from strap covers for baby carriers to little man ties, from hair bling to wet bags, and of course some sweet sweet fluff. Don't wait to enter because this giveaway ends TONIGHT!  Enter on Facebook.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

1-Day Sale: 45% off KAM Snaps Plastic Button Fasteners

100 KAM snap sets in 16 different colors for just $45 + free US shipping. That's almost a whopping 45% off!  But hurry because this sale ends midnight ET Friday, Sept 13.  Limitations apply. While supplies last.  Click here to order now.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On Sale: Cover Buttons, Diaper Inserts, Metal Pacifier Clips, Star Snaps & More

The following items are on sale this month while supplies last:
  • Wire back cover buttons - up to 25% off
  • Charcoal bamboo / microfiber diaper inserts - 25% off
  • Painted & engraved metal clips - up to 25% off
  • Star snaps - up to 35% off
  • Engraved snaps - up to 70% off
 Stock up and save!

Almost 45% off KAM Snaps

Coming soon: 1-DAY SNAP SALE!

100 sets (size 20 glossy) x 16 colors = 1600 sets, for just $45 + free US shipping. That's almost 45% off! See link for full details.

Click here to learn more.

Enter to Win a Professional Table-Top KAM Snap Press

To celebrate 8000 Facebook Likes, we're giving away a DK-93 wide clearance KAM snap press.  Enter on Facebook here.  No purchase necessary. Giveaway is open to residents 18+ worldwide. Restrictions apply.

We'll also be hosting a separate vendor giveaway for those vendors who are also KAMsnaps.com customers. If you would like to sponsor a prize, please click here for more info. Deadline to sign up is Sept 13.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

40% off Bulk KAM Snap Fasteners

Size 20 glossy snaps are only $23.99 when you purchase 1,000 sets (4,000 pcs) per color--that's 40% off!  Plus free US shipping on orders of $29+.  Valid through 8/31/2013 while supplies last.  Applies to all in-stock colors. Available here.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Fabric Cover Buttons

You start with these.

Add some fabric and in just a few seconds, you have these.  Fabric covered buttons to match any project. Check out our simple tutorial here.

And we now have them available in 7 different sizes, ranging from 1/2" to 1-7/8" here.

Cover buttons can be used for any number of projects.  Here are just a few ideas:

 Hair Pins (Made by Mamie Co)

Ponytail Holders (Made by Michelle Chauvin)

Pendants (Made by Tulsa Teethers)

Rings (Made by Tulsa Teethers)

Earrings (Made by Tulsa Teethers)

Metal Pacifier / Suspender / Mitten Clips

We now have 7 different shapes in metal clips: anchor, flower, star, teddy bear, round, heart, and oblong.  These clips are lead-free and nickel-free and have plastic gripping teeth to prevent snagging on fabric.  The clips are great for suspenders, pacifier clip holders, mittens, ID tag holders and lots more.  Available here.  Quantity discounts are available for resellers and WAHMs who make binky/soother ribbon clip holders and other items.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Tiffany-Inspired KAM Snap Color -- Free with $50 Purchase

D318 Gift Box Blue is the newest KAMsnaps.com custom color.  It is inspired by those famous gift boxes issued by Tiffany & Co.  It is similar to color BG112 Mirror but slightly paler and more translucent. Not yet for sale, this color is only available as a free gift when you purchase $50+.  Visit Current Specials for coupon code  and more freebies.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Freebie Friday -- 100 Free KAM Snaps Today Only!

As a thank-you to our customers, we celebrate Freebie Friday on the 1st Friday of every month.  Today only, get 100 free B20 pastel blue KAM plastic snap sets with your qualifying order.  Check out our Current Specials page for more details.  We also have some other freebies and great sales there!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

50% Off KAM Snap Parts - 99 Cents for 100 Pcs

Every time somebody buys more of 1 part (such as caps or sockets), we're left with incomplete sets. Over time, these leftover parts accumulate and they start to take over our storage space. So we're listing them for 50% off right now to make room for new goodies. Caps, sockets, and/or studs are available in select colors for 99 cents per 100 pcs here: http://www.kamsnaps.com/Sale/Size-20-KAM-Snap-Parts-Overstock-p434.html.  While supplies last.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Engraved Skull KAM Snaps


 New engraved skull and crossbones in size 20 KAM snaps are now available here for a limited time.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home-Made: Orange Oil Vinegar Household Cleaner

Want to go a little greener?  Or just save some money?  One way is to make your own household cleaner using nothing but orange (or lemon) peels and white (aka distilled) vinegar.

I eat a lot of oranges and squeeze my own orange juice throughout the year. Now I just save the peels to make our own cleaner.  Here's how:

     - stuff orange peels in glass jar
     - fill with white vinegar
     - seal jar with lid
     - let sit for 2 weeks
     - strain vinegar
     - pour in spray bottle
     - dilute 1:1 with water if desired (we do)
     - add a couple of drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid soap if desired (we don't) & shake well
     - use on counters, walls, bathtubs, stove tops, sinks, and anywhere that you would use 409
     - if you have a sink disposal, run the used orange peels down there for a quick freshening

The orange vinegar works surprisingly well on grease. It's easy, it's cheap, it's green, and it's effective.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

50% Off Engraved Ooga Booga KAM Snaps

We are clearing out our inventory of engraved Ooga Booga KAM snaps in size 20 to make room for new stock.  We don't have any plans to restock engraved Ooga Boogas any time in the near future (if ever), so this may be your last chance to get some.  Engraved caps are half price at just $1.75 for 100 pcs.  While supplies last: http://www.kamsnaps.com/Size-20-Engraved-Ooga-Booga-Caps-Sockets-Studs-not-included-p122.html

Free Clear KAM Snaps

Our Freebie Friday event normally happens the first Friday of every month. On that day, we give you 100 free snaps with qualifying orders.  For the upcoming month of July, the first Friday falls on July 5, the day after Independence Day.  We realize that many people will be celebrating away from home during the long weekend, and as a result may not be able to take advantage of Freebie Friday.

The solution? We've decided to hold Freebie Friday every day in July!  That means you can take advantage of our free snaps offer at your convenience any day of the month!  So . . . .

Get 100 complete sets of clear plastic KAM snaps, in your choice of size 20 or size 16, when you buy at least $15 of snaps.  Here's how:
  1. Add at least $15 of snaps to your shopping cart. Please make sure your order qualifies, otherwise we'll notify you that there is a problem with your order.
  2. Add 100 complete sets of either size 16 clear snaps or size 20 clear snaps to your shopping cart. This will increase your total by $6.75.
  3. Be sure to read the disclaimers posted regarding the clear snaps.
  4. On the checkout page, use coupon CLEAR to have your total reduced by $6.75.
  5. Double check your email confirmation to make sure your coupon was properly applied.  If not, just send an email to sales(at)kamsnaps.com.
Limit 100 free clear snaps per person.  Offer cannot be combined with other coupons. Offer valid through July 31, 2013, unless supply runs out sooner.  Enjoy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make a Reusable & Washable Swiffer Cover

Is this a great idea or what? You can use microfiber, terry, fleece, or even your old prefolds to make a reusable and washable cover for your Swiffer mop or steam cleaner.  Snap closures would make it a cinch!

20% Off Select KAM Snap Bundles

Pre-order a KAM snap bundle today and get 20% off!  Bundles consist of 100 complete sets x 5 different colors and are available in both size 20 and size 16 plastic snaps.  Limited time only, while supplies last. Available at http://www.kamsnaps.com/Sale/Variety-Pack-Pre-Order-Special-20-Off-p418.html.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food-Safe PUL

We wanted to share this bit of information one of our thoughtful customers shared with us regarding food-safe PUL.  Thank you, Stephanie.

I remember seeing someone post the food/sandwich bag they made a few weeks back and there was some concern that pul was not safe to be used with food. I was just ordering some new pul fabric and found this info about it and thought I would share.....

EcoPUL™ is food safe. PUL fabric by Eco-PUL™ has been tested and found free from lead, phthalates, and BPA. Eco-PUL™ complies with FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600 and therefore can be used in direct and indirect food contact applications, as well as potable water under NSF61.

Over $1000 Raised for Oklahoma Tornado Relief

We recently had a fundraiser through the sale of KAMsnaps pliers to raise money to donate to The Salvation Army to help with Oklahoma tornado relief.  Our goal was to raise at least $500.  Because of your support, we raised more than double that!  Thank you for helping us make a small difference.

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Plastic Pacifier / Suspender Clips

We've added a couple of new colors to our line of wide-base KAM pacifier / suspender clips here.  Take an additional 10% off when you purchase $100+ of clips.

20% Off New KAM Snap Colors

We're introducing our 3 newest Limited Edition KAMsnaps custom colors with a 20% off deal when you buy all 3 colors here. Magenta is a deep, vibrant fuschia pink.  Smoky navy is a navy with a hint of gray.  Tangerine was Pantone's color of the year in 2012 and is very similar to but slightly darker than B52 dark orange.  Get them while you can because they're available only for a limited time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Short Prong KAM Snaps

Standard size 20 plastic KAM snaps are commonly used on most products, including diapers.  We have long-prong versions for materials which are very thick, such as Indian prefolds.  For those materials which are fairly thin, like 2-3 layers of t-shirt material, we now have short-prong caps in white.  Our short-prong size 20 snaps have the same length as our regular size 16 snaps. The only difference is that being size 20, the caps have a wider diameter than the size 16.

How do you know when you need shorter prongs?  After you've installed your snaps, if the 2 sides are not clicking closed properly, then most likely the fabric is too thin for your length of snap.   That's because there is too much "leftover" prong after it has been smushed down so it gets in the way when the socket and stud try to attach.  The solution is to either thicken up your fabric or to use shorter prongs so that the amount of "leftover" prong after it has been smushed is reduced.

We have a video which illustrates this:

Adapter Rings for MAM & NUK Pacifiers

These FDA-approved, food-grade silicone adapter rings make it a cinch to attach a ribbon holder to any button-style baby pacifier by MAM, NUK, or other brands.  Available here. We also carry a full line of metal and plastic pacifier clip holders that can be used together with the rings.