Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daily Deals for Every Day in January

For all of January, we will be offering a Daily Deal every day. The deal will be in the form of a coupon code which will be valid only for the first 5 uses. The deal may be for significantly discounted items, free products, or a discount towards your order--you won't know until we post it.

Daily deals will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Daily Deals page at (located in the Information box on the right column).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Starburst Mixed Colored Snaps Now Available

For a limited time only, a new mixed color set is available:


Also still available:

Mixed Color packs are a mix of any one color combination listed above. For example, if you select Rainbow, you will receive a random mix of all 6 Rainbow colors listed.

100 complete sets (100 sockets, 100 studs, 200 caps) for $10. Please note that each component of the complete set will be randomly mixed so you will not receive the same proportion of specific colors. In other words, you may not receive matching studs or sockets for each color cap. Available in size 20 glossy only.

KAMsnaps Facebook & Twitter Giveaways - Win Pliers & a Press

How would you like a chance to win a set of snap pliers? Or even a snap press? How about over a dozen chances?

Like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for your chance to win.

Facebook: We've surpassed the 1,000 fan mark on Facebook. For every 100 new fans, we'll randomly select a FB fan to win snap pliers. And once we reach the 2,000 mark, we'll select a fan to win a snap press! That's 9 chances to win pliers and 1 chance to win a press on Facebook. "Like" us at

Twitter: We're doing the same on Twitter. We've currently got 200 Twitter followers. We'll give away snap pliers for every 100 new Twitter followers, and a snap press once we reach 1,000 followers. That's 7 chances to win pliers and 1 chance to win a press on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter at

Join us on both Facebook and Twitter to increase your odds of winning. And spread the word!

Quick Order Form Now Available for Size 20 Glossy & Matte Snaps

We introduced our Quick Order Form for size 20 glossy snaps a few months ago, and many people have remarked how much easier it is to order those snaps in multiple colors now.

We've now created a Quick Order Form for size 20 matte snaps:

When using either Quick Order Forms, please be sure to scroll down the page to the description section to view the Available Colors list to ensure the colors you are ordering are in stock. Orders containing out-of-stock items will be delayed, and due to software limitations, we are unable to update the check list to account for out-of-stock colors.

You may still use the regular Basic Snaps page to order size 20 and all other sizes and finishes:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Price Match Guarantee on Snap Presses, Pliers, and Bundles will match most advertised prices on the same brand of snap press, pliers, or press/plier bundles with snaps. So if you see these tools for less elsewhere, let us know before you place your order. Please read our full price match policy here:

$5 off KAM Pliers for Plastic Snaps

We're starting the new year off by offering a $5 off coupon for our regularly-priced pliers, with or without snaps. Use coupon code 5PLIERS at checkout. Valid for the first 50 customers. Limit 1 per customer. Cannot be applied retroactively to previous purchases or combined with other coupons. Coupon is valid only on our regularly-priced pliers, not for the cosmetic defect ones since those are already on sale.

Regularly-priced pliers: Just pliers normally $27, with coupon only $22. Pliers with 200 snaps normally $34.95, with coupon only $29.95. And all US orders of at least $28 still ship free!

And we still have a limited supply of pliers with a minor and fixable cosmetic defect. These pliers come with 400 snaps (and free US shipping) for just $34.95, which is $10 off the regular price .

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snap Special: Sz 14 Colored Open-Ring Metal Snaps

Colored metal snaps are available for a limited time only. Buy 2 for the price of 1 while supplies last. Normally $16 for 100 complete sets (200 caps, 100 studs, and 100 sockets), you can now get double the snaps for the same price. Select any 2 colors and receive 100 complete sets in each color for just $16. That's a total of 400 caps, 200 studs, and 200 sockets.

Each size and style of metal snaps requires its own set of press dies, so if you don't already have dies specifically for this size and style of snap, then you will need to purchase them. Metal snaps cannot be applied using our snap pliers.

Our metal snaps are made of copper and finished in silver nickel or painted in various colors. Compared to other metal snaps, the grip on our snaps would be about medium-duty.

Our snaps are intended to be applied using the dies and presses we carry, so we do not recommend trying to apply them with any other tool as we cannot guarantee proper results. We also do not recommend mixing our metal snaps with similar-looking snaps purchased elsewhere because they may not be completely compatible.

Painted Grip Caps

Open-ring caps are also available in the following colors. Painted color sets in this special include 2 painted caps, 1 silver nickel socket, and 1 silver nickel stud. Painted caps are painted on gold caps, but the gold is not visible once the cap has been properly attached to fabric.

Size Cap Diameter Prong Length
14 9.74mm

Measurements are approximate.

Order here:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Cap Sample: TSS Bright Celery

Purchasing a KAM color card is a quick and handy way to see all 60 basic KAM snap colors. However, the color cards don't include our ever-increasing line of custom colors. So every few weeks, we'll offer a free sample cap in one of our custom colors. Collect them all! You can even make your own color card by attaching each cap onto an index card or piece of cardboard, using a socket on the other side to hold it in place--just don't forget to label each color.

We will rotate the colors offered, so if you miss any, just wait until they come around again. Please note that supply is limited, so if we should run out after you've placed your order, we will substitute with another sample color.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 New Snap Colors

These are available only in size 20 glossy finish. Order here:

2-for-1: #20 B36 Neon Yellow + #16 B4 Dark Gray

For a limited time, get 2 for the price of 1. Size 20, B36 neon yellow, matte finish + size 16, B4 dark gray, matte finish. 100 complete sets in each color, for a total of 200 sets (that's 400 caps, 200 sockets, 200 studs) for just $5. That's 50% off the regular price.

Size 20 is the most commonly used size, suitable for most diapers, clothing and general applications. Size 16 is commonly used for baby or toddler clothing, pacifier clips, or other applications with thinner material.

Engraved Owls Now Available

Engraved owl caps now available in size 20 glossy.

Single colors:

Mixed colors:

New Heart Snap Colors

We've added B20 Pastel Blue and GD Milk Chocolate to our line of heart shaped caps.
Single colors:
Mixed colors:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black & Clear Pacifier Clips Now in Stock

CPSIA-compliant plastic pacifier clips are back in stock. 3 pcs in black are $1; 3 pcs in clear are $1.15. Order here: