Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SIZE TAG Engraved KAM Snaps

A hassle-free alternative to size tags! Each snap cap is engraved with a different size.
  • NB for newborn
  • S for small
  • M for medium
  • L for large
  • OS for one-size
 While supplies last. At

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Celebrating 10 Years of Dog Rescue at KAMsnaps!

This is Boomer, our first foster dog. He was dropped off at our house 10 years ago and has been with us ever since. In those 10 years, we have fostered and rehomed well over 100 rescued dogs (I lost track at 36 and that was 8 years ago).

It isn't an exaggeration when I say our dogs have defined our lives. They have been the greatest influence, the greatest gift I have yet to experience.

We could not continue to be so involved with dogs if not for your support. So to thank you (and we mean it whole-heartedly), we're going to celebrate 10 years of rescuing with a number of incredible snap deals starting in a few weeks, exclusively offered in the KAMsnaps Elite FB group. Invite your friends, especially if they're new to snaps, because we'll have a great starter kit offer. For those who are already snapping away, we'll have plenty of discounted variety packs and more.

Thank you again for supporting our little mom & pop store so that we can continue to be "mom & pop" to all the dogs we are blessed enough to have in our lives during their journey to their Forever Homes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pronged Studs to Make Double-Sided Snaps 40% Off!

Pronged studs are what you need to convert your regular snaps into double-sided snaps. Colored pronged studs will be discontinued once we're out (only black & white will be offered). 1800 pcs in a mix of 18 colors for just $24.99. That's over 40% off! Limited supply.

Please don't forget you do need a special die to install these. You can use either KAM pliers or a KAM press. More info here:

The Convertabunz pattern from Bunzuke Cloth is a great example of how versatile pronged studs are. For those not familiar, a Convertabunz is a single piece that converts to all these things:
1. Snapping newborn/infant prefold
2. Snapping infant/toddler prefold
3. Fitted newborn/infant diaper
4. Fitted infant/toddler diaper
5. “Stay Dry” snap-in soaker
6. Pocket diaper insert
7. Elasticized insert
8. Pocket to add extra absorbency

Check out the video here:
You can buy the pattern here: