Thursday, June 6, 2013

Short Prong KAM Snaps

Standard size 20 plastic KAM snaps are commonly used on most products, including diapers.  We have long-prong versions for materials which are very thick, such as Indian prefolds.  For those materials which are fairly thin, like 2-3 layers of t-shirt material, we now have short-prong caps in white.  Our short-prong size 20 snaps have the same length as our regular size 16 snaps. The only difference is that being size 20, the caps have a wider diameter than the size 16.

How do you know when you need shorter prongs?  After you've installed your snaps, if the 2 sides are not clicking closed properly, then most likely the fabric is too thin for your length of snap.   That's because there is too much "leftover" prong after it has been smushed down so it gets in the way when the socket and stud try to attach.  The solution is to either thicken up your fabric or to use shorter prongs so that the amount of "leftover" prong after it has been smushed is reduced.

We have a video which illustrates this: