Tuesday, December 10, 2013

USPS Delivery Delays in December

It's December, the holidays are coming, and weather is bad in many locations across the country and the world. Please expect mail to take longer than usual. Don't wait until the last minute to order and expect it to be delivered within a few days. We're not saying it won't be, but we are saying don't be surprised if it takes a lot longer.

* When you receive the shipping email with a tracking / delivery confirmation #, please note it provides ESTIMATED delivery time. Not guaranteed, just estimated. If you don't receive your package within the estimated time frame, don't worry, that's normal! If you do receive your package within the estimated time frame, proceed with happy dance.

* Per the USPS website: Is the scheduled delivery day guaranteed? Priority Mail remains a NON-guaranteed service. The Postal Service does NOT provide a money-back guarantee if items sent via Priority Mail fail to arrive by the scheduled delivery date.

* The "tracking" number provided by USPS is not always updated until AFTER delivery. If you don't see any updates, that's normal too. We understand that may "never have happened to you before, " but that's what everyone says until it happens to them.

* Severe weather is affecting delivery in multiple states and countries. Even if you don't live in these states, if your mail needs to pass through these areas, you will be affected. Refer to USPS Service Alerts.

* Even without the severe weather conditions, the holidays are a busy time for the post office. Delivery gets slower every year at this time just because there are so many packages being sent, so everybody should expect delays.

* Once a package leaves our hands, there is really very little we can do. You can contact the general post office number or your local branch to see if they can provide more info, but in most cases, they won't be able to. Your package is simply en route as normal, albeit a little slower than normal. If the post office can't tell you where your package is, it's unlikely we'll be able to.

* Please allow at least 14 days for US delivery before entering freak-out mode. Yes, for priority mail too. Yes, even if USPS estimates 1-3 days. No, it doesn't usually take 14 days, but yes, it can and occasionally even takes twice as long. Definitely do not start worrying after only a few business days. International orders will take even longer. Visit our Shipping page for  "realistic" delivery estimates.

* We process orders as quickly as we humanly can. That's usually 1 or *gasp!* 2 days. Please don't wait until the last minute to order and then expect it to be shipped out the same day because that's unlikely to happen. (At least until the bots we are working on building stop exploding.)

To recap, what we are basically trying to convey is to just be patient and allow more time than usual for delivery. Delays are normal this time of year, and stressing or complaining won't get your package delivered any faster. Order early to better avoid the need for nail-biting.

Have a nice cup of hot tea or cocoa and stay warm! Don't forget, Santa's watching!


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