Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Engraved KAM Snaps

Engraved size 16 KAM snaps are now available in limited quantities. There are 400 engraved caps per bag, in a random mix of colors and designs shown below.  May include birds, fish, rockets, and bunny rabbits. You have the option of adding your choice of size 20 or size 16 white sockets and studs. Available here while supplies last.

101+ Uses for KAM Snaps: IV-Friendly Pajamas

Thanks to Chrissy for sharing this great idea on our Facebook page.  Using KAM snaps to help pjs accommodate IVs tubes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Size 20 Long-Prong KAM Snaps for Thick Fabric

Long caps have 6.2mm prongs, compared to 5.2mm standard caps. Long caps should only be used on very thick material, such as prefold diapers.  If you attempt to use caps which are too long for your material, then your snaps won't close properly.  Read more.
Prong length refers only to the cap piece. The same #20 sockets and studs can be used with all lengths of #20 caps.
Offered in limited quantities, this bundle is a great way to have a few long snaps on hand in a multitude of colors.  Each bundle includes 20 colors, with 10 sets in each color.  Available here while supplies last.

B6 Dark BrownB18 Pastel PinkB24 Light GrayB25 TanB33 Reddish PinkB39 GrayB40 Dark GrayB43 Pearly WhiteB44 Apple GreenB45 Metallic Light SilverB46 TealB48 Blue BellB50 Lime GreenB53 Peaches and CreamB55 OrangeB56 Light VioletBG103 TwilightBG104 ClementineBG108 Bubble

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Professional Table-Top KAM Snap Press Setters on Sale

DK93 KAM snap presses are on sale for $59.99 with free US shipping! 

You can also add a #20 die set with 500 #20 plastic snaps for just $27 more.  Available here. Limited time only.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KAM Snaps for Baby / Toddler Shoes

 (Thanks for sharing the above photo, Brandy H!)

KAM plastic snaps are a great method to make things interchangeable.  Use them on little shoes to add interchangeable bows, flowers, or other adornments that can be snapped on and off to match any outfit.

KAM Snap Pliers (Hand-held Press) on Sale $10.99

KAM snap pliers, used to install plastic snap buttons, are on sale right now at KAMsnaps.com for just $10.99. And as always, enjoy free US shipping on orders of $47+.

Monday, May 5, 2014

New KAM Snap Color Combos

For those KAMsnappers wanting smaller quantities in each color, we have new combo sets. While supplies last.

5 colors x 25 sets per color = 125 sets, available here:

B18 Pastel PinkB28 Dark LavenderB33 Reddish PinkB47 Neon PinkB54 Crimson
B8 Bright BlueB20 Pastel BlueB32 Denim BlueB35 PurpleD310 Tardis Blue
B35 PurpleD310 Tardis BlueB54 CrimsonD304 ChocolateB39 Gray
B1 Bright RedB7 YellowB16 Royal BlueB35 PurpleB51 Kelly Green
B14 Spring GreenB41 VioletBG107 ZinniaBG112 MirrorD314 Tangerine
B10 Sunset YellowB41 VioletB44 Apple Green
D314 TangerineD308 Bright CeleryC211 Aqua
C204 SageD300 Light PinkD305 Off-White

10 colors x 10 sets per color = 100 sets, available here: