Friday, December 21, 2012

New Heart-Shaped KAM Plastic Snaps

We now have 24 colors in heart-shaped snaps, while supplies last.  Available by the heart caps only or in complete sets at

Heart caps use the same die as size 20 round caps. Heart caps can be used with various size sockets and studs. They are most commonly used with size 20 sockets and studs, but you can also use them with size 16/14 or size 22 sockets and studs. 

New Star-Shaped KAM Plastic Snap Buttons

We've just added a bunch of new colors in star-shaped snaps.  Available by the star caps only or in complete sets at

Star caps are slightly larger than size 20 round caps, so you will need a star cap die for your pliers. For presses, some people have been able to squeeze the star into the same die as the round size 20 cap, but we cannot guarantee this will work for you so please consider purchasing a star cap die for your press.  Dies are available here.
Star caps can be used with various size sockets and studs. They are most commonly used with size 20 sockets and studs, but you can also use them with size 16/14 or size 22 sockets and studs. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

SALE: Snap Press, Dies & Snaps Bundle only $99 with FREE Shipping

Don't miss our December sale at  Now is the perfect time to purchase the press you've been waiting for.  Our complete bundle including a professional KAM snap press with 3-pc size 20 dies and 500 snaps is as low as $98.95 with free US priority shipping when you use December's coupon code DECJOY.  Plus, you'll earn almost $5 off this single purchase to enjoy on your next order.

Use DECJOY to save on everything:
  • $5 off $45
  • $10 off $100
  • $15 off $150
  • $20 off $200
Limit 1 use per customer and 1 coupon per order.  Have a happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Size 20 Long Prong KAM Plastic Snaps Newly Stocked

We have just stocked several colors in size 20 long-prong plastic snaps, including a few bumGenius colors here.

Limited availability. Except for white and black, availability of size 20 long-prong snap colors will vary as new colors are added and older colors sell out. Please consider stocking up if you see a color you like as it may not be available again for some time after the current stock sells out.

By definition, long prong refers only to caps (the only pieces with a prong). Sockets and studs are the same regardless of the length of the caps.

Standard size 20 cap prongs are 5.6mm in length and are sufficient for most projects, including most diapers.  Long size 20 cap prongs are 6.2mm in length and should only be used on very thick material, such as chinese prefold diapers.  If you attempt to use caps which are too long for your project, then your snaps won't close properly.

Monday, December 3, 2012

KAMsnaps Mark-Down Monday Special to Benefit Gracie's Gowns

What better way to continue to celebrate the season of giving than to honor a small non-profit with a big heart?  Gracie's Gowns is run by fewer than a handful of caring individuals who donate their time, their skills, and often their financial resources to making fun hospital gowns for children with cancer or other terminal illnesses.  The gowns are gifts that bring smiles to these children's faces, and those smiles in turn are gifts to all who love them.

28.5% of proceeds from the sale of this product will be credited to Gracie's Gowns account with us so that they can purchase the snap supplies they need to more easily and quickly create these special gowns.

Today only, 300 select engraved cap pieces are just $3.50.  Normally $9, that's over 60% off.  You choose 3 designs/colors, for a total of 100 pieces per design/color.  Available at:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

KAMsnaps December Sale: $5 off $45

December Deal of the Month at is $5 off $45, $10 off $100, $15 off $150, or $20 off $200 with coupon DECJOY at checkout.  Happy holidays!

Engraved Mustache, Penguin, and Ooga Booga KAM Snaps

Now available engraved mustache, skull, and penguin KAM plastic snaps.  Also, engraved Ooga Boogas in 2 new colors.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CPSIA-Compliant Pacifier Clips

We've added a few colors to our line of plastic pacifier clips. Clips are available in 2 styles, as shown below.  Starting at just $1 for 3 pcs, these are an inexpensive way to make your own soother or toy clip holders.  These clips have been tested for harmful substances and comply with CPSIA regulations.  They also will not tear into clothing like some other clips do.  Bulk discounts also available.

We have tutorials on how to make your own pacifier clip holders, in both written and video form.  We also have a tute on a no-sew version!   These would make simple, practical and economical gifts for Christmas.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Charcoal Bamboo & Microfiber Diaper Inserts

We have a very limited supply of charcoal bamboo / microfiber inserts available for just $2.75 at  These consist of 5 layers in total--3 absorbent layers of microfiber sandwiched between 2 fleecy soft layers of "charboo."   They discounted as testers so please leave a product review once you've tried them out so we know if we should consider stocking a larger quantity.

Also available are basic microfiber inserts and bamboo cotton / microfiber inserts.  Both qualify for bulk discounts and free shipping.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Raises $700 for Save the Ta-Tas Breast Cancer Foundation

On Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, raffled a total of 7 pink snap presses with all proceeds going to Save the Ta-tas Foundation for breast cancer research.  We raised a total of $710.

We would like to thank everybody who purchased tickets for the raffle and who helped to make our Thanksgiving holiday so enjoyable! And congratulations to the 7 winners: Aundrea H, Amy B, Jessica W, Alexis H, Amanda R, Michelle T, & Jessica R.  And to Nancy F for winning our bonus prize of a $10 gift certificate.

 This is one of the raffled presses now enjoying her new home. 
Thanks for sharing, Sweet P'Taties!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale

Get an additional 15% off everything store-wide with coupon KAM-FRIDAY.  Excludes items not in stock.  1 coupon per order.  Expires 11:59PM Eastern Time on Black Friday, Nov 23.  Enjoy & have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Professional KAM Snap Press Raffle to Benefit Save the Ta-Tas

Here's a chance to win a professional pink KAM snap press, normally $80, for just $5 while at the same time contributing to the fight against breast cancer. Tickets are $5 each with a limit of 20 tickets total. That's a 1-in-20 chance of winning--great odds!

100% of proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, who funds breast cancer research while helping those battling the disease to laugh and have fun.

Press will be shipped within the US at no charge. Shipping outside of the US will incur additional shipping charges.   Prize includes the press only--dies and snaps are *not* included and will need to be purchased separately.

To purchase your ticket, visit

Free KAM Snap Pliers for Your WAHM/Small Business


We love supporting small businesses in our personal lives.  We are after all a small family business ourselves.  So we are offering a free set of KAM snap pliers to 1 lucky WAHM/small business who would benefit from the addition of snaps to their commercial products.

Here are the rules:
  • The business must *not* already own a press or pliers for plastic snaps and must *not* already be using plastic snaps on any of their products.  If you already use plastic snaps (as a business or individual), you don't qualify for the free pliers but we've got a special referral gift by sharing this post with a qualifying business--see below.
  • The business must have a Facebook page with at least 50 "likes."
  • If you are selected for the free pliers, you must purchase at least $15 of plastic snaps from within 7 days.  We will send the pliers along with your snap order.
  • If you are selected for the free pliers, you must list a finished product with the plastic snaps within 30 days and share the link with us.
  • Once you've shared your finished product with us, we will share it on our Facebook wall so everybody can admire your work and to provide you with some extra exposure. We will also select another small business to benefit from this offer.  So the sooner you finish, the sooner somebody else will benefit--but no pressure!
  •  Referral gift: If you are already using plastic snaps, whether as a business or individual, you don't qualify for the free pliers but you can earn a $10 discount by sharing this offer with any business you think might benefit.  If that business lists you as their referral, you'll get $10 off once they share their finished snap product with us.  (Referrer can't be in the same household as the qualifying business.)
 How to participate:
  • If you are a qualifying business, leave a comment to this blog post with the following info:
                 - link to your FB page
                 - description of how you would incorporate plastic snaps into your product(s)
                 - the name of the person who told you about this offer, if any
  • This is not a requirement, but you are also welcome to provide the above information as a comment to this FB post for added exposure.  However, we will select only among the comments to this blog post.
  •  Once we feel we have "enough" comments, we will choose the lucky business. 

This is something new we are offering but hope to continue for some time.  As such, rules/requirements may change as needed.

Update 11/30/2012:  We have selected the first of the recipients to receive free pliers!  Once they've completed their project using KAM snaps, we will select the next recipients.  Thank you to everybody who has signed up!

Update 12/5/2012: Pink Diesel Designs has posted their snap project!  They've used round snaps for the closures on the back of their doll dress and heart snaps as embellishments in the front.

Update 12/9/2012: Jostin's Daughters Handmade Dolls has posted their snap project!

A new recipient to receive free pliers has been selected!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Win a Professional KAM Snap Press + Over 30 More Prizes!

Celebrating 5,000 "likes" on Facebook! The grand prize will be an $80 KAM professional table-top snap press (in the form of a coupon) but we also have a ton of other prizes, sponsored by our fellow WAHMs and small local vendors.

Giveaway starts Thanksgiving Day.  To enter, visit  Good luck!

Grand Prize
Your choice of KAM professional table-top snap presses   
(in the form of a coupon)

Referral Prize
$10 discount

Other Prizes
A big thank-you to the amazing sewers and local vendors below who are sponsoring a prize!

NOTE:  Not all pictures represent the actual prize being given away.  In most cases, they serve as just a sample of what is offered by a particular store.  Refer to the "Prize" line  under each store for actual prize.

AsherLiz Designs
Offers cloth diapers, wipes, and more.

 Bitti Bottom Designs
Offers minky bibs, burp rags, carrier strap drool pads, blankets, custom slots for various items, and applique items coming soon.

The Bumtique
Offers one-size pocket or AI2 custom cloth diapers and bibs to match.

Offers diapers.


The Chicky House
Offers custom handmade clothes and accessories.

Couture Fluff
Offers cloth diapers.

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers
Offers cloth diapers of all size.

Cozy's Fluff
Offers earth-friendly, mom-made cloth diapers & accessories.


Cur Whibbles
Offers quality cloth products for your home and baby.


Cutie Bottoms
Offers one-size custom pocket diapers.

Eco Bloomers
Offers custom and military OS pocket diapers for all branches of the military, customized with name tapes and special patches.
 Fluffles by Frankie
Offers cloth diapers with removable ruffles and dresses.

Fluffy Britches
Offers fashionable, cute, and perfect fitting cloth diapers and accessories for baby, using sustainable natural fabrics and materials.

Gabby Wren Cloth Diapers
Offers cloth diapers, mama cloth, wet bags, mama cloth purses, and other baby items.
Goo Goo Buns
Offers diapers and diaper covers.


Green Genes Cloth Diapers
Offers nursing covers, nursing pads, cloth diapers, bibs, and custom items.

Jones Branch
Offers cloth diapers, diaper covers, teething rings, teething tethers, and more.

Lissa Lou Designs
Offers earrings, painted canvases, aprons, multimedia papercrafts, baked cookies, and other crafts.
Little Bottoms
Offers fitted diapers and children's clothing. 
 Little Bundas
Offers a little of everything relating to cloth diapering.

Lucky Little C's
Offers hybrid fitted diapers made with the very popular, almost completely waterproof wind pro fleece.

Luv Earth Cloth Diapers
Offers one-size pocket diapers and diaper covers.

Monkey Rump
Offers one-size hybrid fitted diapers and all-in-two diapers upon request.

Offers embroidered cloth diapers, fitted diapers, cloth wipes, and hand knit custom dyed wool longies, shorties, soakers, and sleep sacks.
Offers one-size pocket diapers.

 Old Life Redesigned
Offers eco-conscious goods at an affordable price. Many items are handcrafted from upcycled and/or new materials.

Opulent Monsters
Offers ostentatious items for your Opulent little Monsters.

Petite Ame
Offers hand-crafted stuffed dragons and other softies.
Offers designer jewelry and handbags.


Rock-a-Bye Booty
Offers PUL diaper covers and accessories.

Rockstar Designs
Offers hybrid fitted diapers and custom blankets.

Offers pocket diapers.
Second Star Designs
Offers hand-crafted, ecologically sustainable, clothing & accessories in every color of your child's imagination.

Sew Sweet N Divine
Offers diapers and one-of-a-kind clothing for infants and children.

SO Cheeky
Offers pocket diapers.

That's Sew Baby
Offers cloth diapers.

The Unpaper Towel
Offers reusable cloth towels.

Offers trainers, diapers, and inserts.