Friday, March 30, 2012

Never Lose Your Socks Again with KAM Snaps

Add snaps to socks 1) so they can be snapped together before being placed in the hamper so you never have to worry about lost socks again, 2) to help identify which socks belong to which child when you use different colored snaps, and 3) so you can accessorize with snap-on bows, flowers or other cute stuff. Simple but brilliant! We found this idea at

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

KAM Snap Pliers for Plastic Snaps on Sale for $2

Purchase $50 worth of any plastic snaps & get basic pliers for only $2 (that's $18.95 off!). For more information and the coupon code, visit

101 Uses for KAM Snaps: More Great Ideas

Baby Shoes

Pouch Holster

Embroidered Wrist Cuff

Diaper Waist Extender

Baby Boots

Bib Extender
Has your baby outgrown her bib already? Save money by extending the opening with a bib extender. Tutorial available at

Fold-Up-and-Snap Bib
The bottom folds up and snaps to make a pocket for catching crumbs. After mealtime’s finished, just unsnap the pocket and shake it out over the trash, and toss it in the wash! Tutorial available at

Expandable Coin Purse
Tutorial available at

Pleated Wrist Cuff
Tutorial available at

Baby Cargo Pants with Snaps
Tutorial available at

Wet Wipe-To-Go

A handy, reusable wet wipe that you can roll up and toss in your purse. No ziploc needed because it has its own waterproof cover. Tutorial available at

Stay-Put Sheet Protector Pad


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Share your Inspiration with KAMsnaps

Rescuing dogs is our passion. We would like to share this recent video of 3 of our rescued dogs, including Popeye, a special needs dog. For those who don't know Popeye's story, he was found as a very young puppy living on the streets. At only about 3 months old, he was emaciated and paralyzed from the waist down. Popeye's been with us for almost 4 years now. Not only does his keep us on our toes, he was also the inspiration behind

We know that many of your own endeavors have been inspired by a special someone or a special cause. If you're a WAHM or other business owner, a blogger, or a non-profit with an inspiring story to share, we'd love to hear from you. Please include a link to your website, store, and/or Facebook page, along with your story. Throughout the month of April, we'll share your story on our Facebook page and blog and hopefully it will remind us all to appreciate the gifts surrounding us, even though they may come in unexpected packages. After all, being different is just the first step to being great.

Upcoming Facebook Events at

Here are some of the upcoming events we have planned for Facebook:

- $20 gift certificate giveaway for every 100 "likes"
- $80 snap press giveaway at 4,000 "likes"
- $80 snap press giveaway PLUS 10% off storewide for everybody at 5,000 "likes"

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KAM Plastic Snaps on Sale

15% off bulk buys (increments of 1,000) in select colors of size 20 snaps. $10.20 for 1,000 sockets, studs, OR caps in a single color. Or $34.55 for 1,000 complete sets in a single color. We've added a lot more colors (mostly in caps but some in other parts or complete sets). Colors will change periodically based on availability. While supplies last.

1,000 size 20 caps in a random assortment of at least 10 different colors for just $12.

500 size 16 caps, sockets, or studs in a random assortment of at least 5 colors for just $3.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

101 Uses for KAM Plastic Snaps: G-Tube Pads, Rompers & Friends

Gastrostomy tubes are placed in the stomach to provide an alternate way to offer food or medicine. They can also be used to vent the stomach for air or drainage. G-tube pads help to absorb any leakage and to slow buildup of granulation tissue around the tube. They can also help to brighten the day of a g-tube child. makes incredibly adorable g-tube pads with snaps.

If you'd like to make your own g-tube pad, there is a simple tutorial available at makes these ingenius g-tube-friendly rompers that have snap-able flaps and openings which help to prevent your child from tugging at the tube while still providing caregivers easy access.

If you've got a child with a g-tube, they may find comfort in having their own stuffed animals or dolls made with snap-able g-tubes.

Be sure to check out our ongoing series for 101 Uses for KAM Snaps here:

We're also compiling a list of tutorials you may find useful at:

While the following product does not incorporate snaps, we wanted to mention it for those who might find it useful. MyGBelly offers g-tube pads, but they also make g-tube belts which provide added protection for the g-tube.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

15% Bulk 1,000 Sets of Size 20 KAM Plastic Snaps

For a limited time, select colors in size 20 KAM plastic snaps are 15% off when you purchase 1,000 complete sets. That's $36.55 for 1,000 sets (2000 caps, 1000 sockets, 1000 studs). Available at

Win a $20 Gift Certificate on So Easy Being Green

We're sponsoring a giveaway at So Easy Being Green for a $20 gift certificate. Open to residents worldwide. Ends 3/19/2012. Open to residents worldwide. Good luck!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

$80 KAM Snap Press + 7 $20 GC Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our recent giveaway! Each winning entry was randomly selected by

The following 7 winners will each receive a $20 gift certificate:
  • Jalapeno Mama
  • Stephanie Philipps
  • Stefani Occhipinti
  • Dana Jewers
  • Jenelle Danner
  • Lyndsey Davidson
  • Joyce Van Den Berg
And this lucky winner will receive a $80 coupon code towards a snap press:
  • Jane Kellison

Winners have 48 hours to email sales @ (remove the spaces) to claim their prize.

Thank you to everybody who participated. Our next $80 snap press giveaway will happen when we reach 4,000 "likes" on Facebook so stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2012

KAM Plastic Snaps on Crocheted or Knitted Items

Somebody recently asked us whether our plastic snaps could be applied to knitted items. The answer is yes, but the knit should be tight and dense to prevent the snaps from pulling through. Here are some great examples from

Convert an Arbor Press into a KAM Snap Press

If you're handy with power tools (or know someone who is), you can convert an arbor press into a snap press. There are arbor presses out there that are about half the price of our snap press, so if you're a do-it-yourselfer, you can save some money by making your own snap press. For more info, visit:

And if you've already done this, or something similar, we'd love to see pics! You can post them on our Facebook page or email them to sales @ (remove the spaces).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Make a Snapazoo Fabric Origami Toy with KAM Snaps

Mark Gliebe first brought the Snapazoo to our attention last year. Think origami but made with fabric and snaps. By folding the fabric various ways, you can create a multitude of animal shapes from a single flat piece of fabric. This is a fun, interactive, and thought-provoking toy that any child--or adult!--would enjoy.

Snapazoos are no longer manufactured but you can quickly & easily make one yourself. Click here for a template and more information on the Snapazoo.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Be Green with Snap-able Unpaper Towels - with Tutorial

According to
  • The United States consumes 30 percent of the world’s paper each year.
  • Of the 741 pounds of paper used by the average American each year, close to 55 pounds is tissue paper (which includes paper towels, napkins, facial tissue, and toilet tissue).
  • Even with recycling programs, a little more than one-third of the trash going into landfills is paper products. Paper towels are not recycled.
So stop thinking paper towels, and start thinking UNpaper towels! These are washable, reusable cloth towels. You can even add snaps to them so that they attach to each other and can be rolled up just like a regular roll of paper towel. Unpaper towels are also softer and more absorbent than the disposable version, not to mention so much prettier!

Photo courtesy of The Unpaper Towel Store

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

If you're interested in making your own unpaper towels, check out this great tutorial from Sew a Straight Line. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to make your own roll using plastic canvas and snaps!

Please feel free to share your pics of your snap-able unpaper towels on our Facebook page or by emailing them to sales @ (remove the spaces)!

101 Uses for KAM Snaps: Cover your Snaps with Fabric Tutorial

Although we offer close to a hundred different snap colors at, the option of using fabric to cover your plastic snaps provides a palette of infinite colors and designs. (The same concept works on buttons.)

Here is a great video tutorial that walks you through the entire process (it's in German but is very easy to follow without the sound.) From

A step-by-step written tutorial with pictures is also available, courtesy of See Suzie Sew, at

If you decide to try your hand at making your own fabric-covered snaps, we'd love to see them! Pics can be emailed to sales @ (remove the spaces), and we'll be happy to link back to you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012