Monday, November 18, 2013 Has a New Look has been given a facelift, which we hope will improve your shopping experience.  All the same great items, just organized a bit differently.  We will continue to make tweaks, so don't be surprised to see more changes in the coming months.

We've added and modified information presented on the site to better answer most of your questions about a product.  We respond to hundreds of emails every week. In the course of years, that's translated into tens of thousands.  And all this time, every single email, every single Facebook message, has been answered by just 1 person (many of you can guess who!).  That means we know what kind of questions are out there, and the confusion that many new snap users may face.  It's one of the benefits to being a very small, family business. The information at was compiled and organized to answer the most commonly asked questions as clearly and concisely as possible. 

You will notice some other changes, such as to pricing and programs, now and to come.  With these changes, most of you will end up paying less, some significantly so, and that was our ultimate goal.