Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Troubleshooting KAM Snaps

KAM snaps won't close? Or they fall off? Here's a simple pictorial explaining why this happens and what you can do to fix the problem.
For more troubleshooting tips for this and other common snap problems, visit:

101+ Uses for KAM Snaps: Removable Bow Tie on Onesies

Add a couple of snaps to plain white onesies with connecting snaps on a bow tie, and voila, your little one is dressed up for a day out on the town.  Thanks for sharing this idea, Pam Irie!

More hundreds of snap ideas, visit our 101+ Uses for KAM Snaps page.

Monday, December 7, 2015

New Crossover KAMsnaps Hand Pliers Installs Plastic & Metal Snaps and Removes Plastic Snaps

Our new KAMsnaps KX6 crossover pliers break the barrier in hand pliers. These are the Lexus of pliers and are a cross between the pliers and the table-top press.  Not only are they constructed of heavy duty alloy steel and provide a more professional and consistent press compared to our basic KAM snap pliers, but they are also able to install a variety of plastic snap sizes and open-ring grip metal snaps and to remove plastic snaps.

Open-ring metal snaps 

They come with 6 die sets to do it all, and have pre-drilled holes in the handles so they can be mounted to a foot pedal.

Full comparison of KX6 Crossover Pliers vs Basic KAM Pliers
See how they work here.

Available at KAMsnaps.com.

Base Stand for Your Pliers Make Pressing Easier

This simple and inexpensive base stand allows you to use less hand/grip strength and to rely more on leveraging and arm strength to press down on the installation pliers. This can be especially useful to those who suffer from hand pain or those who install a large number of snaps in one sitting, when your hand might get tired.

The base is compatible with the K2 model KAMsnaps hand pliers but can also be used with the K1 model if you place a piece of 2"x4" wood under the handle of the pliers to provide additional support. 

These bases were made with minimal material and labor so that we could keep the price as low as possible!  Available at KAMsnaps.com.