Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sponsor a Prize & Promote Your Online Store

We are slowly creeping up to 6,000 likes on our Facebook page.  When that happens, we'll begin our mega-giveaway for an $80 professional table-top KAM snap press.   We'd like to invite WAHMs and other small businesses to join us in the celebration.

If you have an online store you'd like to promote and would like to offer a prize in our giveaway, please contact us. Here are the requirements:

1) If giving away a gift certificate or store credit, value must be at least $20.

2) If giving away a physical prize, shipping within the US must be free.  There is no minimum value requirement for a physical prize.  The giveaway will be open to residents worldwide, so you must be willing to ship internationally, but the winner will be responsible for international shipping charges.

3) Please provide 1 image you would like us to use.  Image should be no larger than 400 pixels wide x 250 pixels high.  If you are giving away a physical prize, it makes sense that the image be a photo of that prize.  If you are giving away a certificate or store credit, the image should have the value on it.

4) Include the URL of your Facebook page and online store if you want us to link to it.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know at sales(at)kamsnaps.com.

Monday, January 28, 2013

US Post Office Raises Prices

As many of you already know, USPS postage prices increased yesterday. We are still figuring out all the changes that were made, but we're happy to report that we will be absorbing all price increases made on US postage. So that means that for the 4th straight year and for the last 6 USPS price hikes, our US shipping price structure will remain the same.

Unfortunately, we regret to say that international shipping will be affected. To give you an idea of just how much international postage rates have gone up, a flat-rate envelope to Canada used to cost $9.95 to ship a few years ago. Last year, it cost $12.95. With the latest price hike, it now costs $19.95. To most other countries, it went from $13.95 to $16.95 and now to $23.95.

International postage increased as much as 58% on some services beginning yesterday. As a result, international customers will notice higher shipping costs when they purchase from our store now. The most dramatic change is our free shipping threshold. Free shipping is now offered to Canada on orders of $55+ and to most other countries on orders of $150+.

Thank you to our international customers for understanding!

No Shipping: Feb 14-18

There will be no shipping beginning Thursday, Feb 14 through Monday, Feb 18 (President's Day). Orders placed during that time will ship beginning Tuesday, Feb 19.  We apologize for any inconvenience & thank you for your patience!

Pay it Forward: Donate $10, Get $5

Paying it forward.

St. Baldrick's Foundation is a non-profit which funds research to help battle childhood cancer.

-  A 9-year boy named Jayden A is trying to raise $350 to donate to St. Baldrick's.  Because kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment, Jayden and his fundraising teammates have shaved their heads to show their support and to inspire others to donate money to support childhood cancer research.

-  Ms. Amy of Hippy Chic Diapers will donate 10% of her gross sales (not just profits, but actual receipts) through Feb 11 to Jayden's fundraising campaign. Check out the store Cloth diapers, wipes, nursing necklaces, and other baby-related items on Etsy and Facebook.  

We'd like to give a little shout out to Jayden and his efforts by offering a $5 store credit to KAMsnaps.com for any donation of at least $10 to St. Baldrick's made through Jayden's fundraising page through Feb 5.

Here's how:
  1. Go to Jayden's fundraising page and donate at least $10 by Feb 5.
  2. Forward your receipt to us at sales(at)kamsnaps.com by Feb 5. (If you are mailing your donation, we understand it will take longer to receive your receipt so just forward it to us once you receive it.)
  3. We will issue you a $5 store credit in the form of 100 reward points which you can apply towards any order made through KAMsnaps.com from Feb 2, 2013 and later.
Go Jayden and Central Square Bald Buds!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CPSIA-Compliant Plastic Pacifier/Binky Clips

We now offer our patented wide-base pacifier clips in 6 colors:

These patented, lightweight yet sturdy plastic clips can be used to make ribbon pacifier holders. They have passed certification testing for lead and other harmful substances. These clips have a locking mechanism which makes it difficult for children to remove. See below for photo instructions.

These clips are very similar to our original pacifier clips, but have 2 primary differences. 1) The base is wider. 2) The ring through which the ribbon loops is more secure and less likely to be dislodged by prying hands.  Full comparison pictures shown below.

NOTE: While these clips do comply with regulations regarding harmful substances, please remember that they are comprised of parts small enough to pose a choking hazard and should always be used under adult supervision.

How to Open

Just a reminder that KAMsnaps.com does price match snaps, pliers, presses, and anything else we carry.  We'll even price match similar pliers found at your local craft/hobby shop.  Click here to view our complete price match policy. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Clear / Transparent KAM Plastic Snaps

Clear KAM plastic/resin snaps are now available in size 20.

Please note that according to the manufacturing company, these snaps are slightly more brittle than regular KAM snaps due to the dyes used, so they may be more prone to breakage.  For this reason, we recommend you use these snaps at your discretion, especially if you plan to use them on commercial products.

Friday, January 18, 2013

50% off Select Engraved KAM Snaps

A wide range of select engraved KAM resin/plastic snaps in both popular sizes 20 and 16 are 50% off for a limited time!  Over 20 designs in stock!

Friday, January 4, 2013

KAMsnaps.com on Facebook

Last month, we held several giveaways on Facebook and awarded prizes to over a dozen people.  This month, we'll continue to give away free goodies, so be sure to join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kamsnaps if you haven't already. 

After you've "Liked" our page, to ensure that you see our posts, be sure to:
  1. check the "Show in News Feed" option
  2. check the "Get Notifications" option
  3. add us to your interest list

As always, we encourage you to share photos and links of your snap projects, products, or tutorials. We love to see your creations!

Freebie Friday: Free Raspberry KAM Plastic Snaps

Today is our first Freebie Friday, which will normally fall on the 1st Friday of every month.  Today's Freebie Friday offer is 100 sets of sz20 F Raspberry snaps FREE when you buy at least $10 of plastic snaps and use coupon FREEBIE-RASP at checkout at www.KAMsnaps.com.  1 day only!