Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What are KAM Snaps?

KAM snaps plastic white
KAM plastic snaps are one of the most widely used snaps in the world, both commercially and for individual households. KAM plastic snaps are made from polyacetal resin, a type of plastic that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic, and are BPA-free. KAM snaps are CPSA CPSIA-compliant for children's products and have been tested for lead and phthalate content.

KAM snap button fasteners are a rust-free alternative to metal snaps, even safe enough for garments that undergo x-rays. With our KAM hand snap pliers and press machines, the snaps are very easy to install with uniform precision, making them convenient alternatives to traditional sew-on buttons and zippers. KAM snaps also withstand years of constant machine washing and drying and are often used to replace worn-out velcro and hook-and-loop.

KAM snaps can be commonly found on all types of clothing including those for baby and toddlers, bibs, cloth baby diapers, unpaper towels, reuseable menstrual / mama pads, snap tabs, key fobs, and infinite other things. Not just for sewers or embroiderers, KAM snaps are handy for crafters as well as outdoor enthusiasts, making excellent closures for bracelets, necklaces, quiet books, upcycled containers and storage pouches, hammocks, camping gear and many other projects. They are also a handy tool to have for quick fixes around the home. A few snap uses are shared here, but you can search the internet for thousands more.

KAM Snaps Flower Shape Button FastenersKAM Snaps Stars Shape Button Fastener YellowKAM Snaps Heart Shape RedWith a number of sizes and lengths available, there's a KAM snaps suitable for virtually every product, from the heavy duty to the small, from the extra firm grip to a more gentle grip. They even come in different shapes like stars, hearts, butterflies, and flowers, as well as with fun engravings and paintings to add a little more pop to your project. Use them with any of our KAM snap tools and you'll understand why so many people love these little fasteners.

See just how easy it is to install KAM snaps:

With KAM Snap Hand Pliers

With KAM Snap Button Press Machine

Sunday, November 5, 2017

KAM Snaps Size 20 Extra Long Prongs vs Size 20 Regular Prongs

How can you tell the difference between size 20 regular vs size 20 extra long KAM plastic snaps when looking at them?

Since there is only a minuscule (0.6mm) difference in length, it's nearly impossible to measure with a ruler or even to visually see any difference. Instead, look at the side of the cap with the prong. Size 20 extra long caps will have a pinwheel pattern around the prong (as shown in the photo of the snap on the right). The regulars do not.

Size 20 (regular) snaps are the most commonly used size. They're often found on cloth diapers, cloth menstrual pads, and many household projects that don't use thin, stretchy or delicate fabric. The prong length on these are 5.6mm.

Size 20 extra long snaps are needed for thicker material, such as double layers of marine vinyl for key fobs. (If the material is too thick for the snap, the snap will just fall apart.) The prong length of size 20 extra long snaps is 6.2mm.

Tip: if your snaps are not closing properly, most likely the prongs are too long for that particular material. These videos explain why this happens. If you'd rather not buy shorter snaps, just cut the tips off the prongs prior to installation to shorten them.

Install Plastic Snaps with KAM Snaps Table Press Without Changing Dies (No-Change Dies)

Introducing the No-Change Dies

If you have a professional KAM snaps table-top press, you probably love it. What you may not love so much is the need to change the top dies for the male side and then for the female side when installing plastic snaps.

You can now use our new no-change dies to install the entire snap without having to change parts. Works with size 20 plastic snaps and the DK93 table-press. (Size 16 no-change dies will be available at a later date.)

See how it works:

A few points of interest to note:
  • The 2-piece no-change dies are the exact ones that come with the KX multi-functional handheld pliers. These are our all-in-one pliers that are able to install both plastic and metal snaps (and are *not* the basic K1 or K2 pliers which can only install plastic snaps). So if you already have these the KX pliers, you already have the no-change dies. All you need to get the dies to work with the DK93 press is the single piece KX-to-DK93 adapter base. In fact, you can use ANY of the KX dies in the DK93 press as long as you have that adapter.
  • The original 3-piece dies that require changing are considered professional grade. They are the gold standard because each die is molded to perfectly fit each snap piece to maximize precision. While the no-change dies don't quite reach the same standards, they are a great time-saver for those who prefer that option.
  • If you're using these with a kick press, you may need to adjust the pressure to avoid breaking the bottom plastic die piece.
  • If you also own the original 3-piece dies that require changing, you can use the metal bottom piece from that set with the top piece from the no-change set.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Friday, November 11, 2016

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