Tuesday, June 28, 2011

USPS Resumes Accepting Mail to Canada


Now that the Canada Post strikes are over, the United States Post Office is accepting mail to Canada again. However, according to their service update page:

"Due to the large volumes of mail held by countries, customers may experience slightly longer transit times. USPS is working closely with the Canadian Postal Service to hold delays to a minimum."

We can't know how long the delays will be but conservatively, we recommend expecting a 3 week or more delay over normal transit times. There is also a larger possibility that more packages will be lost in transit due to this influx of mail. For this reason, KAMsnaps.com will resume USPS Priority shipping but will delay First Class shipping until further notice. That means our free shipping to Canada program will be suspended for a while until we are more confident packages to Canada will reach their destinations without long delays or mishaps. But you can take advantage of our already reduced Priority shipping rates to Canada of as low as $5 on most packages, regardless of how large your order is.

We still recommend waiting to place your order to Canada if you can to give the inevitable chaos a chance to die down.