Thursday, June 23, 2011

Custom Color Sample Bags Now Available

Along with the color card showing all 60 of the original KAM plastic snap color line (B1-B60), you can now purchase sample bags of our custom color snaps, starting at just 50 cents for each custom color group. Limited availability. Available at

KAM Color Card

A KAM color card displays the complete original KAM color line (B1-B60) of plastic snaps. Available with matte caps or glossy caps. Custom colors are not included on color cards. Note: It is unnecessary to purchase both a glossy and a matte card since both display the identical colors--only the finish is different.

Custom Color Bags

For a limited time, you can also purchase sample bags of our custom colors (not part of the original KAM color line). Each bag will contain 1 cap per color in each available color group, listed below. Individual snap colors will not be labeled.

BG Custom Colors

F Custom Colors

GD & TSS Custom Colors