Sunday, March 14, 2010

Write a review & earn a 10% coupon

Have one of our presses or pliers? We'd like to hear your feedback. If you love them, why? How long have you had them? What are the best features, what do you use them for, how often? What problems have you experienced? The more specific the better.

Once we've accumulated enough reviews, we will end the contest and randomly select 3 reviewers. A 10% off coupon will be awarded to each winner. We will also select 3 of what we consider to be the most helpful and informative reviews and award a 15% off coupon to the writer of each. Only 1 review per person allowed. Multiple reviews by the same person will be disqualified.

You can write your review anonymously. However, we can only select winners who we can contact, so if you would like a chance to win, you must include your email address at the end of your review (in the Review box--do not include any personal contact info in the Name box.) See example below. To write a review, just go to either the press product page or the pliers product page and scroll near the bottom until you see the box for Add Review.

Some, but not all, reviews may be published on our website, but we will remove your email address before doing so. Your email will never be shared. Winners' first names and last initials will be posted on our website.


starry eyed surprise said...

I posted a review but didn't include my email address!! :( I have attached my google account here, so keep me in mind ;) Thanks! said...

@ starry eyed - you might want to send us an email with your email address so we can add it to your review (so we know who to contact in case you win). But I noticed you used your first & last name so we might be able to look you up in our database that way too, unless there is more than 1 customer with that name.