Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get 100 more plastic snaps with the pliers or press add-on

* * * EXPIRED * * *

For a limited time, we're offering 100 more snap sets when you purchase a pliers kit or complete press plastic snap add-on*! That means with the pliers, you'll now get 300 snaps (100 in any 3 colors) when you order the complete kit. For the press plastic snap add-on, you'll still have the choice of ordering 1000 white snaps but now when you select different colors, you'll get 500 snaps (100 in any 5 colors).

Expires March 27, unless supplies run out sooner. Offer applies to new orders only.

* For press, additional snaps apply only to the plastic snap add-on and when you select different snap colors. Does not apply when you select 1000 white snaps or to the metal snap add-on.