Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perfectly Fitting Size 20 & 16 Dies for Pliers

Soon to be available, new cap dies for our pliers that fit size 20 caps perfectly. No more having to manually center the snap. With the new die, the snap is already perfectly centered for you, giving you the best results each and every time (as long as you apply enough pressure and are using the correct snaps for your fabric).

The head of the new die is also higher, which means it'll be somewhat easier to flatten the prong on the cap. Of course, the flip side is that there will be less clearance for long prong caps, but you can always use the old-style die for that.

We'll also have new dies that perfectly fit size 16 caps as well.

And finally, a new pressing head with slightly more height, in conjunction with the new size 16 cap die, will allow you to also use your pliers to apply size 14 snaps as well (previously, only size 14 long prong caps could be applied with consistent results).

We hope to get a limited supply of these new style dies and rubbers in a few weeks. Supply may be very limited in the beginning so if there isn't enough to go around, we will give priority to those who have left product reviews for the pliers on our website, in the order received. Additionally, reviewers who purchase these early will receive a special price -- just $2 for all 3 parts (size 20 cap die, size 16 cap die, and rubber head).

So if you're interested in getting these sooner rather than later, be sure to reserve your set by writing a review of the pliers. To write your review, go to the Pliers product page, scroll to the bottom and click on Add a Review. Be sure to include your email address at the end of your review so we can identify you (your email will be deleted if your review is made public).

Don't forget that we will also randomly pick 3 reviewers to receive a 10% off coupon to our store. We'll also select 3 of the most informative reviews to receive a 15% off coupon. Read the full details here.