Friday, February 22, 2013

Diaper Wars

Have you heard about Diaper Wars?  According to their Facebook page:

Diaper Wars is the Original Diaper maker Competition. Each Month a Set of constants battle it out to be Diaper Wars winner. A new Theme is picked each month.
Diaper Wars Mission Statement:
Diaper Wars is a private competition created to afford diaper artists a place to “do battle” with other diaper artists to win acclaim for their creativity and presentation of a diaper project. The competition provides a level playing field for novice and accomplished diaper makers. It’s purpose is to celebrate the creativity of sewing diapers, while providing the participants to gain additional exposure for their skills, and where appropriate to promote an entrant’s work at home (WAH) business. 
They've already had 3 battles (Fluffy Love, Easter & St Patrick's) and the entries were amazing.  Here were the winners:
The next battle's theme has just been announced, and it's "Geeky," which can be interpreted in so many ways.  Will you be entering a diaper?  Even if you're not, be sure to check out Diaper Wars to see some truly creative cloth diapers.