Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back in Stock

The following previously unavailable plastic KAM snaps are now in stock:

Size 20 Matte-
B2 Dark Navy
B4 Dark Gray
B10 Sunset Yellow
B33 Hot Pink
B34 Plum Purple
B35 Purple

Size 20 Long Prong-
B34 Plum Purple
B44 Apple Green
B57 Medium Pink

Size 16 Glossy-
B1 Bright Red
B10 Sunset Yellow
B14 Spring Green
B16 Royal Blue
B33 Hot Pink
B42 Dark Tan
B44 Apple Green
B45 Silver
B46 Teal
B47 Neon Pink
B50 Lime Green
B54 Crimson
B55 Orange

Size 16 Long Prong (7.2mm length)-
B5 Black

Size 14 Glossy-
B10 Sunset Yellow

Pronged Studs (for double-sided snaps)-
B3 White
B5 Black

For an updated list of Available & Sold Out colors, visit our KAMsnaps Colors page.

DK-98 professional KAM snap presses are also in stock. Presses that were backordered with a ship date of "end of July" have been shipped and should be delivered within about a week. Backordered presses with a ship date of "beginning of August" or later will be shipped by the end of next week.