Monday, December 27, 2010

Snap Special: Sz 14 Colored Open-Ring Metal Snaps

Colored metal snaps are available for a limited time only. Buy 2 for the price of 1 while supplies last. Normally $16 for 100 complete sets (200 caps, 100 studs, and 100 sockets), you can now get double the snaps for the same price. Select any 2 colors and receive 100 complete sets in each color for just $16. That's a total of 400 caps, 200 studs, and 200 sockets.

Each size and style of metal snaps requires its own set of press dies, so if you don't already have dies specifically for this size and style of snap, then you will need to purchase them. Metal snaps cannot be applied using our snap pliers.

Our metal snaps are made of copper and finished in silver nickel or painted in various colors. Compared to other metal snaps, the grip on our snaps would be about medium-duty.

Our snaps are intended to be applied using the dies and presses we carry, so we do not recommend trying to apply them with any other tool as we cannot guarantee proper results. We also do not recommend mixing our metal snaps with similar-looking snaps purchased elsewhere because they may not be completely compatible.

Painted Grip Caps

Open-ring caps are also available in the following colors. Painted color sets in this special include 2 painted caps, 1 silver nickel socket, and 1 silver nickel stud. Painted caps are painted on gold caps, but the gold is not visible once the cap has been properly attached to fabric.

Size Cap Diameter Prong Length
14 9.74mm

Measurements are approximate.

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