Thursday, May 6, 2010

Note about New Dies for Pliers

This post pertains to pliers that have "GF" embossed on them only. They do not apply to our "HG" pliers, which is what we are currently selling. ("GF" pliers are no longer available in our store.)

When you are using these replacement plier dies in conjunction with the pliers that have "GF" embossed on them, the white rubber head is intended to be used only for size 14 regular snaps. They are too high and do not provide enough clearance for caps with taller prongs than the size 14 regular. You will need to continue to use your shorter, old-style black pressing head for other sizes. However, you can slice a bit off the top of the white rubber head to make it shorter if you would like to use it for other snap sizes.

Since the replacement cap dies are also taller, there will be less clearance for the cap and your fabric. If you've been using your "GF" pliers for a while, this smaller clearance may take some time getting used to.

If you're using long prong caps, then you'll need to go back to using the shorter, old-style cap die in order to have enough clearance.


Lauren said...

I recently ordered new pliers (GF) and the new dies. The die I'm using for a regular prong size 20 snap fits around perfectly, but is too high even for a regular pronged snap. I have to cram it in and risk breaking the snap.... ????

Am I doing something wrong? I am not using the white rubber head. I'm using the original head for the smaller metal bar as instructed in the plier tutorial. ??? said...

@ Llauren - pls send an email with your order # and full name. For future reference, any problems and/or questions should be emailed to us to ensure we read it. This blog is only for announcements so we don't check comments regularly. Thanks. sales at kamsnaps dot com