Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Size 16 Long Prongs

Here's a refresher on the measurements for each size of plastic snap:

Size Cap Diameter Standard Prong Length Long Prong Length
14 9.74mm
16 10.7mm
4.2mm 6.2mm (or 5.2mm if specified)
20 12.4mm
5.6mm 6.2mm
24 15mm
7.5mm n/a

Our size 16 regular caps have a prong length of 4.2mm. We previously offered long prong #16 caps with a 6.2mm length. For those who liked to use #16 snaps but found the regular too short and the long too long, we now carry long prongs in 5.2mm (so in the middle) in B3 white and B22 ivory. These are closer in length to the regular size 20 snaps.

You can purchase these from our Basic Snap page: In the "Size" drop-down box, select "16 Long Prong." A color box will pop up. All prong lengths are 6.2mm unless otherwise specified as 5.2mm.