Monday, June 27, 2016

Win a Professional KAM Snaps Press Bundle Valued over $200!

The mother of KAMsnaps giveaways!  We're giving away a professional DK93 table-top KAM snap press machine with size 20 plastic snaps & dies, size 16 plastic snaps & dies, pronged studs & die (to make double-sided snaps), metal snaps & dies, and dies to remove plastic snaps!  Enter on our Facebook page.

Plus, our summer sale is here!  Huge savings, including 40% off on the press bundle above.  We've got buy 2 get 1 free offers on white snaps, metal snaps, nursing clips to name a few, as well as substantial discounts on removal pliers, size 20 and 16 plastic snaps, shaped snaps like butterflies, flowers, hearts, and stars, and so much more!  Be sure to check out both these links: (buy 2 get 1 & price reductions) (up to 30% off with coupon provided on qualifying orders)