Saturday, February 28, 2015

Having Trouble with Your KAM Snap Pliers?

Having problems with your KAM snap pliers? The pliers should be very easy-peasy to use, so if you're having difficulties, then it's possible something is wrong with set-up or with the snap size you're using with your particular fabric density.

Make sure to read the online instructions. Not just watch the video but actually read the instructions.  It includes many troubleshooting tips that address specific problems, including:
- Snaps not closing
- Snaps not closing after wash/dry
- Snaps falling off
- Uneven press
- Snaps breaking

If you're new to KAM snaps, your pliers should be your new best friend!  So if you're not feeling the love, check out the instructions for guidance on how to patch up your relationship.