Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Sew a Lanyard for Keys (Tutorial)

I used to lose my keys while hiking with our dogs all the time.  They would fall out of my pocket or I would be holding them and drop them without realizing it.  In a 3 month period, I lost my keys 3 times.  Not fun when you can't get into your car and have to walk 3 dogs home over a mile away on make-shift leashes. I even resorted to buying one of those expensive remote key finders, but that ended up a dismal failure.

The ultimate solution to my problem was something much simpler and much cheaper.  It was a simple lanyard that I wore around my neck.  5 years later, I have never since lost my keys again.

Easy Sewing for Beginners has a simple tutorial on how to sew a key lanyard, with or without KAM snaps. Thanks for sharing, Domenica!

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