Tuesday, February 25, 2014

KAM Snaps Multi-Color & Multi-Size Sampler Packs -- in Hearts Too!


This is a wonderful sampler bundle for those who want just a few of several colors.  Included are 10 full sets of size 20 glossy KAM snaps, each in 25 bright, fun colors for a total of 250 sets.  While supplies last.


We also have a hearts sampler pack that includes 10 full sets, each in 17 different colors.  Very limited supply.  Each heart set includes 1 heart cap, 1 round cap, 1 socket, and 1 stud.  The parts are all size 20, and the heart cap uses the same cap die as the round cap.

Finally, we have also added a size sampler pack containing 10 different sizes and prong lengths:
  • size 14 (3.5mm long)
  • size 14 long (5.0mm long)
  • size 16 (4.2mm long)
  • size 16 long A (5.2mm long)
  • size 16 long B (6.2mm long)
  • size 16 long C (7.2mm long)
  • size 20 (5.6mm long)
  • size 20 short (4.6mm long)
  • size 20 long (6.2mm long)
  • size 22 (7.0mm long)
These are sizes that can be installed with both our hand-held KAM pliers as well as our table-top KAM presses, as long you have the corresponding dies. If you're not sure what size you need or you want to try a variety of sizes, this is the perfect pack for you.