Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We held a snap-raiser in which we offered to match every qualifying set of snaps purchased and donate it to Days for Girls, a non-profit organization through which volunteers sew and distribute reusable cloth menstrual pads to girls and women in impoverished countries. Without the donation of these pads, most of these girls would be unable to leave the house for weeks every month, meaning they could not attend school or go to work.  Days for Girls plays a simple yet vital role in helping these girls and women maintain their independence and sense of dignity.

In January, we raised 76,000 full snap sets (that's 304,000 pieces or 132 pounds of snaps) for Days for Girls.  Yowsers! Thank you to everybody who contributed by making a qualifying purchase!

If you have some basic sewing skills (or even if you don't!) and would like to volunteer with one of the many DFG chapters around the country, please visit their site for more information.