Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plastic Pacifier / Suspender Clips

There are now 7 colors available in our KAM plastic pacifier clip collection. These are lightweight and have a locking mechanism which makes it difficult for small children to open.  The plastic teeth will not snag on fabric. They have been tested for harmful substances and comply with CPSIA regulations for children's products, making them ideal for commercial use in ribbon holders for pacifiers, toys, sippy cups, etc and as suspender or mitten clips.

Available for as low as $0.29 each here.  Frosted, white, and black will be stocked regularly, but all other colors are stocked on a limited basis, so get some while you can.

How to Open


Claire Reynolds said...

These are cool clips. I think it would help avoid losing pacifiers. They are so small and easy to lose, especially since you need to carry them everywhere. I might get a few.