Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Free KAM Snap Pliers for Your WAHM/Small Business


We love supporting small businesses in our personal lives.  We are after all a small family business ourselves.  So we are offering a free set of KAM snap pliers to 1 lucky WAHM/small business who would benefit from the addition of snaps to their commercial products.

Here are the rules:
  • The business must *not* already own a press or pliers for plastic snaps and must *not* already be using plastic snaps on any of their products.  If you already use plastic snaps (as a business or individual), you don't qualify for the free pliers but we've got a special referral gift by sharing this post with a qualifying business--see below.
  • The business must have a Facebook page with at least 50 "likes."
  • If you are selected for the free pliers, you must purchase at least $15 of plastic snaps from within 7 days.  We will send the pliers along with your snap order.
  • If you are selected for the free pliers, you must list a finished product with the plastic snaps within 30 days and share the link with us.
  • Once you've shared your finished product with us, we will share it on our Facebook wall so everybody can admire your work and to provide you with some extra exposure. We will also select another small business to benefit from this offer.  So the sooner you finish, the sooner somebody else will benefit--but no pressure!
  •  Referral gift: If you are already using plastic snaps, whether as a business or individual, you don't qualify for the free pliers but you can earn a $10 discount by sharing this offer with any business you think might benefit.  If that business lists you as their referral, you'll get $10 off once they share their finished snap product with us.  (Referrer can't be in the same household as the qualifying business.)
 How to participate:
  • If you are a qualifying business, leave a comment to this blog post with the following info:
                 - link to your FB page
                 - description of how you would incorporate plastic snaps into your product(s)
                 - the name of the person who told you about this offer, if any
  • This is not a requirement, but you are also welcome to provide the above information as a comment to this FB post for added exposure.  However, we will select only among the comments to this blog post.
  •  Once we feel we have "enough" comments, we will choose the lucky business. 

This is something new we are offering but hope to continue for some time.  As such, rules/requirements may change as needed.

Update 11/30/2012:  We have selected the first of the recipients to receive free pliers!  Once they've completed their project using KAM snaps, we will select the next recipients.  Thank you to everybody who has signed up!

Update 12/5/2012: Pink Diesel Designs has posted their snap project!  They've used round snaps for the closures on the back of their doll dress and heart snaps as embellishments in the front.

Update 12/9/2012: Jostin's Daughters Handmade Dolls has posted their snap project!

A new recipient to receive free pliers has been selected!


JLG said...

I am a small WAHM business that would use KAMs snaps on my baby and doll products. I currently use dritz snap fasteners on my doll dresses and baby items like pacifier/toy clips and wet bags! I would make one of these items!

I saw the post on Petite Ame 's facebook page! Thanks so much!

Gail Dealy said...

I don't qualify for the contest because my business is new with less than 50 likes but Bums Away Baby needs this!

She has been talking about making diapers and this would help a ton.
Sending love from Sarias shop :)

Tasha said...

My friend is a buisness who makes diapers! She uses kamsnaps and has both but is an AWESOME wahm who uses her buisness to help buy items needed for her special needs little boy. And boy is he special! lol love that little man!

The Duke said...

I would love to start adding interchangeable flowers to my tutus. The pliers would make this possible.

I heard about this offer by browsing the site.

ColorfulAndComfy said...šito/340442872716275

Since my facebook page is in Slovenian language, I'm also posting a link to my Etsy shop, which is in English:

I have a WAHM/small business where I'm making reversible hoodies for children and for sizes up to 12-18 months I'm using metal snaps. Kam snaps look super cute and practical and a perfect solution! And the fact that they come in so many bright colors seems to really fit in the concept of my Etsy shop.

I heard about this offer from my friend Alenka.

Love from Slovenia!

XsAndOhsKids said...

Hi! I've recently started my small business so that I can stay at home with my 2 kids. I make a few different products for babies but my main product is an owl playmat. Plastic snaps would bring the playmats to a whole other level because I could use them to add ribbon strips with snaps so that toys can be attached onto the playmats. I've made one like this so far but without snaps I had to find another way to secure the toys. It wasn't ideal and the plastic snaps are really what I need to make my product significantly more awesome. I also plan to make smaller items using snaps, such as soother/toy straps.
I found this deal by browsing your site in my search for plastic snaps.
Here's my facebook page


Erica Smith said...

I make crochet and knit hats and scarves. I would love to start offering my customers interchangeable bows and flowers for their hats!
I found this through your web page.

klusk said...

Would love to put these on my bows and on scissor leashes, found out about you from handmade by kimberly, Thanks

Robin said...

What a great giveaway - ty! I currently make knit/crochet items & snaps would be fab for adding embellishments & even tags. But we will be expanding a bit, in Jan., to include some Rockabilly wear for children in the form of several trendy style dresses for girls, bowling shirts for boys & rompers for babies - using cool retro, rockabilly, & rock & roll fabrics. The snaps would be perfect for the crotch of the baby rompers, and on some of the dresses, as well as the toy/paci leashes & other do-dads I'll be constructing for a big Carshow in Sept.2013!
My FB link is:
And I found out about this wonderful giveaway when I pinned a pin for your hugemongus giveaway! lol. Thanks again! & good luck everyone!
cokelush at gmail

Kam Snaps said...

We have selected the first of the recipients to receive free pliers! Once they've completed their project using KAM snaps, we will select the next recipients. Thank you to everybody who has signed up so far & stay tuned!