Monday, August 20, 2012

Snaps for Grovia Diapers

Most diapers use size 20 plastic/polyresin snaps.  Grovia diapers are one of the exceptions we have found. As of our testing in August 2012 of their AIO, the diapers use size 20 caps with size 22 sockets and studs.  Our size 22 KAM sockets and studs and size 20 caps are compatible with the snaps on Grovia diapers, so if you have a snap you need to repair, you can do so easily with your table-top professional snap press or your portable handheld pliers.

Please note, the above only applies to the snaps found on the actual shell--not on the inserts.The inserts use a different brand of snaps that are not compatible with any of our current KAM snaps.

Snaps on Grovia Diapers

KAM Snaps