Sunday, March 6, 2011

Improvements to Website

We are always striving to make your shopping experience at better. Most recently, we've made a couple of minor improvements to the site that will hopefully speed up your ordering process.

- For engraved snaps, we've gotten rid of the Mixed Color page. You can now order Mixed Colors on the regular Engraved Snaps page (similar to how the Ooga Booga Engraved page has always been).

- Many of you have already utilized our Size 20 Quick Order pages when ordering multiple colors of size 20 snaps. Previously, you could order:
  • 100 Caps
  • 100 Sockets
  • 100 Studs
  • 100 Complete sets
Now you can also order:
  • 100 Caps + 100 Sockets
  • 100 Caps + 100 Studs
  • 100 Sockets + 100 Studs

We currently have Quick Order pages for size 20 glossy and size 20 matte snaps. For those of you who order other sizes, would you like a Quick Order page for those as well? Or do you prefer the drop-down menu order page?