Sunday, July 11, 2010

Customer Spotlight: Sara Bella* Upcycled

A while ago we asked for photos from our customers showing how they used our snaps. One of the most creative uses came from Sara Bella* Upcycled.

These bags are not only fun, attractive, and practical, but they are made of recycled material! All of Sara Bella's products are 99% upcycled plastic bags and banners--"trash that would otherwise be tossed into landfill."

And they don't make just bags. They have a whole array of products including wallets, belts, cell phone holders and various pouches.

Cell Phone Holders

It's amazing what beauty can come out of trash. On their website, you'll also find a how-to section with videos showing how you can turn your own trash bags into something fun and functional.

We greatly admire the message about our environment that Sara Bella* Upcycled products bring, and we wish them the greatest success for many many years to come. After all, their success benefits us all as a planet.