Wednesday, April 21, 2010

50% Off Shaped Dies for Press Reviewers

As a thank you to those who have left a product review for our snap press, we are offering 50% off certain dies:
  • star cap (also fits regular size 20 caps)
  • pronged stud (for double-sided snaps)
  • teddy bear cap
  • cowboy cap
  • troll cap

First come first served--supplies are very limited.

In order to take advantage of this offer, you must leave a product review for our snap press before making this purchase. If you haven't left a product review yet, you can do so at the bottom of this link (leave your email address at the end of your review so we can identify you--it will be deleted if your review is made public):

We'll also issue a 15% off coupon to the 3 most helpful & informative reviews.

This special is not displayed on our website and can only be accessed through this link: