Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Support 2 Great Causes currently offers 2 awareness ribbon engraved snaps--in yellow and pink. The yellow is to show support of our soldiers, and the pink to support the fight against breast cancer. They're available for purchase at

Through the end of 2011, we will donate $5 to either Susan G. Komen for the Cure or The Wounded Warrior Project (or other similar charitable organizations) for every person who makes a qualifying finished project using the engraved ribbon snaps, up to $500. Feel free to send us your suggestion for another organization helping to fight breast cancer or support our soldiers.

We are really interested in seeing how creatively you incorporate these snaps into your project, whether it be a purse, a shirt, or whatever you can think of.

Here are the rules to qualify:
  • Your project must use at least 5 of the engraved ribbon snaps.
  • You must submit at least the following 2 photos of your finished project: one photo showing your project as a whole, and one photo of a close-up of the engraved ribbon snaps on your project. You're of course welcome to send more than just those 2 photos if you'd like. Each photo should be no larger than 600 pixels wide or long. Photos should be clear. Email photos to sales @ (remove the spaces).
  • A $5 donation will be made to one of the 2 causes above (or send us your suggestion for other organizations) for every person/household/group that makes a project using the snaps and submits photos of that project. You can submit as many photos of as many projects using the engraved ribbon snaps as you want, but there is a limit of one $5 donation per person/household/group no matter how many projects you make/submit.
  • The same project cannot be submitted by multiple people.
  • may post your photos on our website or other web pages (ie. Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc). You may request that we include a link to your site if desired.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice. This is a first for us so we're learning as we go. We don't want to focus on what's not allowed, but there are rules and limitations that we hope are already implied and that we need not have to spell out.
We know that one or both of these causes are dear to many of your hearts. This is our way of showing our support, and we hope you'll have some fun with it in the process.