Saturday, June 18, 2011

Canada Post Strike: U.S. Postal Service Stops Taking Canadian Mail

USPS will stop accepting Canadian mail, except for USPS Express mail which is handled by Fedex in Canada, this weekend until the Canada Post strikes are resolved. Unfortunately this means that will have to suspend our free shipping to Canada. For those in Canada who can wait, we recommend postponing your order until Canada Post is back and running.

For those who are in immediate need for snaps or other items, we can ship by Fedex Ground or USPS Express upon request, both at an additional charge. Please send an email to sales @ (remove the spaces) with your order details and postal code for a shipping quote. Fedex Ground shipping will cost about $15 for most snap orders and USPS Express will be $25. Please note that Fedex may have different customs/duties/tax/brokerage/other fees than USPS.

We will continue to monitor updates and hope operations will return to normal as soon as possible.