Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red, White & Blue Star KAM Snaps Now Available

Red (B1), white (B3), and blue (B16) stars are now available. These colors have a slightly longer prong than the other color stars, making them easier to apply.

Stars are now available in the following individual colors or mixed colors. Star caps are slightly larger than size 20 round caps, so you may need a star cap die. If you purchased our snap pliers, you probably already have dies that will fit the star cap. If you are using a KAM snap press, place a size 20 round cap into your cap die. If the fit is exact, with absolutely no wiggle room, you will need a star cap die. If there is slight wiggle room, your die will probably fit the star cap.

Star - Combo A

Star - Combo B

Star - Combo C
The prongs on these colors are ever so slightly (~0.5mm) taller than those on other color stars.

Heart caps are also available in these colors. Heart caps are the same size as size 20 round caps, so the same cap die can be used.

Star and heart snaps are currently on sale and can be purchased here: