Wednesday, August 15, 2012

101 Uses for KAM Snaps: Convert Velcro on Cloth Diapers to Snaps

Our KAM plastic snaps can be used in place of velcro as the closure on cloth diapers. In fact, KAM is a renowned name in the snap world and most commercial brands of diapers use KAM for their snaps.

If your diapers have velcro on them and the velcro is getting old and yucky, or your child has figured out how to undo it, you can convert the diaper to snaps using our table-top professional KAM snap press or our more affordable portable snap pliers for plastic snaps.

We have extensive step-by-step instructions in both written and video format to guide you through the process here. We even have a snap placement template you can print out and use. Thousands of mamas have converted their bumGenius, gDiaper, Thirsty Duo and other diapers to snaps and have even added snaps to their prefolds. You can also add a 2nd row of snaps if your diaper currently only has 1 row to increase the fit adjustment.

For lots more uses for your KAM snaps, visit our 101 Uses for KAM Snaps page. Want to share your snap project with us? We'd love to see it! You can email it to or post it directly on our Facebook page.