Thursday, June 21, 2012

More on Unpaper Towels (with Tutorial for a Matching Wet Bag)

Danielle of writes:

" I think there's a lot of considerations with using unpaper towels in terms of being environmentally friendly... sort of like cloth diapers. You are using electricity and water to clean them, but they're reusable and you can often upcycle old items (ie. old towels or linens) for these. Paper towels use a lot of resources- all of the raw products used to make them, the oil/gas used in the process as well as in the transportation of the paper towels to the stores, the plastic bag they're transported in. The cardboard boxes they're transported in. Emissions from the factories and vehicles used in transport.Then you use them once and they're tossed. I've loved switching to these... LOVED it. I keep a few rolls of regular paper towels for dog accidents because I'm weird about that. I believe we've saved a lot of money not buying paper towels anymore AND they absorb more than a paper towel. They don't take up a lot of room in the washer/dryer so I don't feel like they contribute to laundry that much either."

Danielle shares her tutorial on making unpaper towels (with either snaps or velcro) here.  She also includes a tute on making a wet bag that you can hang in your kitchen to put the used unpaper towels in until the next wash.