Monday, July 25, 2011

WIN A SNAP PRESS: Tell Us About Yourself (Closed)

Current prize pool: 1 snap press + 6 snap pliers (7 winners total)

Here is today's chance to enter to win a snap press or pliers. This post will be closed to new comments once a new post is opened tomorrow.

>>Leave a comment to this post telling us a little about yourself. Include your age, the age and sex of your child(ren), and a link to your blog or online store if you have one.

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment, in the form of sales at kamsnaps dot com (to combat those spambots) if you want us to contact you if you win.

Limit 1 comment to this post, but check back on our blog tomorrow for another chance to enter. Giveaway ends on 8/1. Winners will be drawn from among all daily entries and will have 48 hours to contact us to claim their prize.

Remember, to qualify as a winner, you'll need to "like" us on Facebook first.

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aimritchie said...

My name is Aimee, I'm a 30 yr old stay at home mom to two beautiful children. I have a 3 yr old little girl and a 19 mo old little boy. He's still in cloth diapers and I'd love to make some of my own for him!!

Kim aka Mama Eggo said...

A little about me -

My name is Kim (26yrs old) - I have an almost 11 month old baby boy. But most of the time I'm making stuff for other kiddos / customers of Eggo in the Oven - my "little" business that has taken over my life!

Would LOVE the snap press, as my hands get tired after a while! :)

eggointheoven at hotmail dot com

Mama Sulli said...

I am 26, almost 27, with four children, one girl who is 5 1/2, and three boys aged 4 1/2, almost 3, and 3 1/2months. I haven't opened a store yet but hope to in the near future!

TheLangs said...

I'm Nicole age 20. I have one son who is 10 months old, Adam. He is a wild one that thinks naps aren't 'cool'. I am a stay at home mom that couldn't be more blessed with the family I have. I Work out of the home sewing and selling cloth diapers, and Kamsnaps have made the quality of my diapers skyrocket!

primaballerina2009 at gmail dot com

Rishel said...

My name is Rishel, I'm 24 yr old and a stay at home mom to three beautiful little girls. Our oldest is 3 soon to be 4 August 3rd (so soon :D), our middle is 2, and our youngest is 5months old. My middle and youngest are in cloth diapers and I think it would be awesome to make them some cute diapers :).

babydraco_18_2006 at yahoo dot com

k8thagr8 said...
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k8thagr8 said...

hi world wide webbers! i'm kate, 34, and have two daughters, age 19 months (on aug 1st) and 6 months (tomorrow). both are in cloth diapers and i can't imagine life any other way.

i wish i had more time to sew, but with two little girls, it's difficult.

check out my bibs and pacifier clips at

k8thagr8 at hotmail dot com

ezeldabeth said...

i'm beth. i am 34...i have 3 children and one on the way...i have 2 boys and 1 girl (hoping for another girl)...ages 1,4,7 :)

zelda at odditycomics dot com

i am so hoping to win something so that i can use your snaps to make my hospital gown for baby #4's delivery!

Kelly said...

My name is Kelly and i'm 24. I have a 9 month old baby boy. I would love a snap press to make cloth diapers and all the other craft projects I have lined up to make him!
hayeske at clarkson dot edu-

Tara said...

My name is Tara, I'm 29 and a SAHM to my 15 mo old son Owen.

I've got a vintage shop on Etsy: as well as a shared children's/mama shop: We're also on Facebook:

taraz9 at excite dot com

tarynlynn05 said...

Hi! My name is Taryn and I have an 11 year old daughter and a 6 week old baby girl. I am cloth diapering my newborn and LOVE it! I have made all of my diapers with Kamsnaps and am opening a store on Etsy, called A Sparkly Baby, next week. I love the color selection at Kamsnaps and the fast shipping helps me finish my projects. Thanks Kamsnaps!

taryn lynn 05 at msn dot com

Leah said...

I'm Leah & I am blessed to be a SAHM to my fun three year old son & am expecting a sweet little girl in less than two months! I cloth diapered my son from 19 months til he was fully potty trained at 27 months. I just started sewing cloth diapers for my daughter. :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!
Leah4837 at gmail dot com

Tera Nelson said...

My name is Tera Nelson. I am a seamstress and fiber artist: dye yarn/fiber, knit and spin. I have four wonderful boys: Dade-9yr, Logan- 7 yr, Gage- 4 yr and Sawyer 11 months. I make diapers and yarny goodness primarily. Though I do wetbags, mama cloth and an assorted variety of other items. Please check out Gaia's Treasures on Facebook. I also have a Hyena Cart store, and I am a dyer on Ewe Need Color and Capella Congo. I also have a store, same name, on Etsy!

trishltk said...

My name is Trish, I'm 36 years old. I have three kids girl 12, girl 8 and boy 21 months. I just recently starting making cloth diapers and hope to start selling them (and other child friendly items) really soon.

MamaMac said...

I'm 28 and have a 2-1/2 year old daughter. I sew some diapers for my nephew (1) and also for my business, "Bum Covered Diapers"

and our blog is

melissa dot mcaninch at gmail dot com

Mandy said...

Mandy, age 32 and I have a 2 year old girl and another little lady on the way.

Mandy dot creager at gmail dot com

Katherine C said...

My name is Katherine. I am a 25 year old work at home mom. I have a 2 year old daughter, and although she is potty trained now, she is the reason I make cloth diapers (to give to other babies now!).
kayclaytor at yahoo dot com

aimritchie said...

I'm a goof, I forgot my email address. I am comment #1. Aimee, 30, two kids, boy and a girl.

aimritchie at gmail dot com

xshottie said...

My name is Hannah, I have been married to a wonderful man for almost 7 years, we have 5 children and #6 will be making her apperance in a couple of weeks. My oldest is a boy 6yrs, then boy 5 yrs, girl will be 4 on 8-14, then girl 2, boy 19 mo. and #6 is a girl :)
Here is a link to my facebook page.!/pages/Hannahs-Creations/133886060010820

Lindsey said...

Hi! I'm Lindsey (29) I have two beautiful baby girls ages 2yrs & 4 mths. :) I don't have a store yet! Hopefully soon!! ;)


The Polka Dot Store said...


My name is Dawn and I'm 54 years young. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild in September. She wants to use cloth diapers and has enlisted me to help her (hum, she watches while I sew) make about 30 diapers. I would love a snap press to use for the snaps.

thomasvillequeen at hotmail dot com

store website:

store blog:

personal blog:

The Polka Dot Store is an online baby store. I would love for you to visit my store!

Brooke said...

My name is Brooke, I will be 23 next month. I am a stay at home single mom trying to get things going to be a WAHM. I have 2 boys. Gavin is almost 3 years and Gage is almost 5 months.!/pages/Little-Gs-Baby-Boutique/243243105703067

gwc08gmg11 at gmail dot com

KLW520 said...

My name is Kayleigh, I'm a 25 year old mom of a 16 month old Todzilla named Ryan. I work full time as a nurse in the ICU. My little shop is or

klwalley520 at aol dot com

Jessie said...

I am a 31 yr old WAHM with a laid off significant other. Our daughter is 18mo and we are in love with her. I recently opened my own business: and also work p/t for a CD company.
Thanks for the giveaways! I would LOVE to win a snap press.
mclouthjessie at hotmail dot com

Wendy said...

My name is Wendy, 36, and I'm a SAHM to three beautiful children. My daughter Emma is nearly 16 and my two boys Zah is 14 and Liam is 2. They keep me extremely busy. I have a crafting blog, which I haven't posted in for over a year...I should really get back to blogging! My blog is:


Nancy said...

I'm Nancy and 33 years old. My daughters Lilly is 16 months and Anna is 6.5 years. is our family blog.

de3120voit at gmail dot com

AprilMayAugust said...

Hello! My name is Melissa. I am 29 years old. I have two children; a girl who is 6 and a boy who will be 3 next month. I loooove sewing for them and finding new uses for snaps!
I tried having a blog once, but I found myself with not much time to keep up :)

melissa0582 (at) gmail (dot) com

Denise said...

My name is Denise. I'm 38 and working mom of three. My little guy is 14 month and recently discovered how to remove his velcro dipes so I must convert everything to snaps. My little girl is a 6 year old tomboy. My eldest 20(stepson)is living at home and working FT to get his own place, soon I hope:)

No store or blog but hope to get more hands on in the future.


jodilee0123 said...

My name is Jodi and I'm a 40 year old adoptive mom to three awesome kiddos! Jakob (5), Jada (3), and Jenay (16 months). We have open adoptions with all their birthmothers and some extended family.

My blog is
Although, blogging is not my top priority...ha! I read more than write!

miskelljodifunk at aol dot com

Mommyto4 :) said...
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Mommyto4 :) said...

My name is Mary, I am 29. I have an almost-5-year-old, a 2.5 year-old, and one due any day now.

I've been cloth from the beginning, and hope to some day try making my own, using KAMsnaps of course!

jcmcw730 at gmail dot com

kayla bondy said...

my name is Kayla, im a SAHM to 2 beautiful children, a 2 year old girl and a 2 month old boy. i am currently on maternity leave from a gym daycare/drop in centre. i enjoy being crafty and making stuff for my children, and everyone elses children usually too.

burd_k at hotmail dot com

Susie said...

I am a stay at home mom. I have 3 children. My son is 4, My daughter's are 2 and 5 months. I currently use cloth prefolds, but have been wanting to make some pocket diapers. superbook1 at gmail dot com

Trudy said...

I'm 50 years old. My children are 28 and 30 years old and my grandchildren are 4 and 1 years old. I have a facebook sewing business called Mimi's Attic. I make children's clothing and accessories and cloth diapers. I would love another snap press so my daughter can help me in my business.

tmowell at cinci dot rr dot com
my facebook store website:!/pages/Mimis-Attic/175047789180909

Casey said...

I'm Casey SAHM to two boys (6 & 3) and a girl (4 months). I love to sew and am always making some thing or other for my kids, my house or occasionally myself. I recently borrowed a press from a friend and after using it I'm convinced I need a press or pliers for myself.
Scottandcaseyvreeken at hotmail dot com

Cindy said...

I am 40 years old (and proud of it), and we have three children - 2 girls ages 22 and 20, and a boy age 16. We also have 5 furkids - 3 boys and 2 girls, all age 2 and under with one of the girls expecting in a couple of weeks.

I don't have any blogs or online stores.

c3rdxacharm at yahoo dot com

Katherine said...

I am 28 and a mom to an almost 2 year old boy. I work full time outside of the house and like to make projects as I have time.

ceit1776 at yahoo dot com

Cortnye said...

My name is Cortnye I'm 25 ... for a few more weeks. I am the SAHM to 2 beautiful and sometimes crazy little girls Payten (just turned 4) and Raegan (will be 22 months here soon.) I've recently opened my own lil shop. I've been wanting to open one for awhile now but "life" kept happening. We are still dealing with my husbands medical issues, but I opened the shop anyways. So hopefully soon we will get in a new routine and I will add a bunch of stuff I have so many ideas that I can't sleep at night!!! LOL
Visit and "like" me if want! (or just click on my name, I have it linked!)

cortcreations at gmail dot com

Mama Ewers said...

I am 26 years old.. for a few more days.. my birthday is Thursday. I have 2 boys.. a 2 year old and a 5month old. I started making cloth diapers during my second pregnancy. It started with just making my son a newborn stash.. but then turned into lets try to sell these... so I am trying to sell my diapers.. but haven't actually sold any.. <>(

Kim said...

Hi, My name is Kim and I'm 27. I am currently a SAHM to my son who will be 3 in Aug. and my daughter who will be 9mths on the 27th. I started a garden with my son, so now I have tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, carrots, and pumpkins growing in my backyard. I started CDing my daughter and then decided to make my own.

krotzing at yahoo dot com

Lacee said...

My name is Lacee and I am a SAHM to a beautiful, I mean handsome, baby boy who is 7 1/2 months old. My hubby is currently going to school full time and has moved from an active duty Marine to a reserve Marine to make his education (and our family) a priorty after having served over 9 years and being deployed 3 times in OIF 1 & 2 and OEF. I would LOVE to win the snap press so I can get a little home business started and help make some money for our family. I have a blog, Fluff Fanatic, which I've just recently started and I'm hoping to turn into something bigger here as soon as my son gets a little older (he's kinda high needs right now, lol, but we love him!).. the website is (feel free to come check it out! I'm also on facebook!)

irishgirlforgod AT yahoo DOT com

p.s. Thanks again for doing this AMAZING giveaway! I'm so excited to see who the lucky winners are (even if it's not me!) =)

jdeemarie said...

My name is Jodi and I'm 33 years old. Although I used to be an elementary school teacher I now stay home with my 3 kids. My daughter is 15 years old, and my boys are 3 1/2 years and 20 months old. I love staying home with my kids but I do miss the teaching so I'll be teaching our Kindergarten Sunday School class at church again this year.

jdeemarie @

Anonymous said...

My name is Samantha, I'm a SAHM to a 23month old little boy, and another little boy who is due any day now. I do not blog, but love reading other mommy blogs and such. And I'm looking forward to hopefully winning a snap press or pliers! :)

smoo06 at yahoo dot com

CrystalS said...

My name is Crystal. I am 32 years old with 3 children. Boy - 5, Girl 3, and another boy almost 4 months. I don't have a store yet, but am working on developing this soon!

crystalstpierre1 at gmail dot com

Pearl said...

My name is Pearl, and I'm 29 years old. I have two boys, 10 years old and 9 months old. This Thursday will be my 6th wedding anniversary! I can't stand to be still for too long (it might have something to do with the insane amounts of caffeine I consume hehehe).

I make cloth diapers using KAMsnaps!

pbochen0210 at cox dot net

mekjsk2000 said...

My name is Melissa. I'm a 30 yr old SAHM to two boys. JJ (James III) is 3.5 and Miles is 10 months. I've been married for 10 years to my wonderful hubby who is in the Army. I don't have a blog or store but might sell knitted things in the future.

mefish32 at hotmail dot com

Julianna said...

My name is Julianna. I am 31 and a stay at home mama to my ten month old daughter, Courtney.


Emily B said...

I'm a busy mum to one 5 1/2 month old girl. My blog is at

ebickell at hotmail dot com

lilmonster said...

Im hayley, Im 26years old i have 3kiddies, dd1 is 5yrs, dd2 is 2yrs & our lil man is 3mnths :)
IM a sahm to them and love doing crafts, I sew them clothes & most of the nappies i use are ones ive made

hayley_edwards at hotmail dot com

samikins81 said...

I am 30 with 1 daughter 8 mnths I love her to pieces and everything I make is for her.

chotee_81 at

Kim said...

my name is Kim. I'm 24 and mom to a 3 year old and a 3 month old, both girls!
kims_ebay at yahoo dot com

Krista Rose said...

I'm 26 with 2 beautiful daughters, RoseMary (2), and Elizabeth (almost 10 months). I make/sell cloth diapers on Etsy:

My email is thefancypansy at gmail dot com.

blankets said...

I'm Lisa, 28 year old SAHM to Emy, 21 months. I never actually wanted to be a SAHM, but there aren't many job options for military spouses here in Italy, so I went with it and it's been awesome! :) I'm just getting into diaper making, so I've only done it for DD at this point, though I want to start building up a NB stash for when we TTC #2!

blankets @

Heidi O said...

Heidi, age 28. I have 2 girls who will be 4 in November and 2 in September. #3 is due in October, and we don't know what we're having, so I might have to make some new boy diapers after the baby comes!

mikeandheidio at yahoo dot com

Good Old Days Family Farm said...

My name is Alina Joy. I am 33 years old and have 3 little ones: ages 2, 4 and 6. I decided to use cloth diapers before my first baby was born because I just couldn't imagine throwing all those disposables into the trash all the time! I didn't realize there were so many adorable cloth diapers to pick from so I just invested about $60 in flat flannel rectangles and a few covers and have been using them ever since! But they're looking pretty ratty now so next baby will be getting a whole new set! Husband says if I can read a book through the diaper, it's got to go! Um... that would be most of them by now! LOL!

alinajoydubois at netscape dot net

Michelle Smith said...

My name is Michelle, 33 years old and have 2 boys--5 1/2 and 3 1/2, a sweet little girl 11 months and a wonderful stepdaughter, 16 1/2

detroitgirl77 at gmail dot com

Aubrey said...

I have two daughters. A 9 year old and an 8 month old! I started cloth diapering my second daughter and fell in love! My mom and I decided to try our hand at making our own CDs. We also make bibs and other baby accessories.

Here is our FB page

Charity said...

My name is Charity. I'm 26 and my son is 9 months old. I don't have a store or blog, but it's great to see everyone else's and check out the stuff people have made!

charity.friesen at gmail dot com

Vicki said...

My name is Vicki. I am 29. My children are Emma 8, Ryan 5 and Lea 1. I work on our Christmas tree farm and have an online business called Daisy Baby LLC. Daisy baby currently just has a few barrettes on the site, but will hopefully in the next two weeks be updated with some child size aprons, more fun barrettes, and other fun items. The website for Daisy Baby is mydaisybaby dot com. My email address is vicki at mydaisybaby dot com.

Bonnie Nikolai said...

My name is Bonnie, I'm a WAHM to two girls Anna, age 3 and Allie, age 3 months. I'm co-owner of Heaven Flowers cloth diapers and accessories.

hyenacart dot com/HeavenFlowers/

heaven_flowers at hotmail dot com

Christy said...

My name is Christy and I am currently staying home with my 6 year old daughter and 20 month old son. I started making my own diapers when I got tired of prefolds and couldn't afford to buy commercially made cloth with my son.

gracy_kitten92 at yahoo dot com

Redorkulated said...
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Redorkulated said...

I'm Debbi, 31, and I have three kids. D (boy-13), V (girl-9) and L (boy-almost 3 weeks). I don't have any store but finally got some pul and terry and want to make my own diapers after spending a ton on name brand stuff. I've also figured out a few other handy uses for snaps. The press would be useful to me because ever since pregnancy (my first, my older kids are steps) my hand got weird and I have three fingers on my dominant hand that don't work right anymore so using the pliers is a bit trickier than I thought it would be.

dworm22 at gmail dot com

Ann said...

I'm Ann, and I'm 26, SAHM to one little active girl who is 16 1/2 months. I love using my press, but would like to have a set of pliers to install snaps on the edges of big things like the stroller.

Susan said...

I am 32 with four kids son 11 and three daughters age 9, 2 and 5 months. I am new to kam snaps and hoping to try out some pliers and snaps on the diapers I am just starting to make!


rose414 said...

My name is Amanda, I am 28, a mother of two boys - 3 years and 8 months:) They are the light of my life! I am a work from home glass artist... my site is being redone *blush*... rather slowly

Glass art is my passion, but I love anything crafty!


zookeeper said...

I am 39 and a SAHM of 3 girls and 1 boy - ages 12, 7, 2 1/2, and 10 months.
zootastic at peoplepc dot com

Diana said...

I am WAHM, am 50 and have 3 married daughters ages 27 though 31.
I have a children's/mama shop: We're also on Facebook:
We really need a snap press so my daughter can help me from her home.
goldiez at hotmail dot com

Mark G said...

I'm a 44yr old former Marine who is father to 6 kids - three boys ages 9, 13 and 15 and three girls ages 11, 17 and 19. My wife is the creative one. I'm entering this givaway in hopes of winning a snap press/pliers to help her with making adaptive clothing and special needs items for several of our children who have autism.
chs dot fairyblogmother at yahoo dot com

HNBrace said...

I am in the last year of my 20's! So sad. I have 2 beautiful girls who are 9months and 2.5 years old. I love sewing for them and having them coordinate while they have no choice in the matter!

Mayte said...
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Mayte said...

Hello, my name is Mayte. 39 years old.
I do not speak English, sorry. I have a 14 year old boy and a girl of 12.
I'm sewing and embroidery, and I love the buttons snaps kam.
I have this humble blog where you can see some of my work,
I love doing new things and learn a little more each day.

andrea said...

Hi, my name is Andrea I'm 37 and I'm Mom to two stepsons ages 18 (as of today actually) and the other is soon to be 21 in two weeks, I also have a son who will be 13 in three weeks and a daughter who will be a year on Saturday! Although it was not by choice at first I am now loving being a SAHM and hoping to be as long as possible. When I was 18 I lost my arm in a car accident but it has not prevented me from doing much! I have Always had a love for animals and I decided to try my hand at sewing a couple years ago making hammocks and such for some of my fur babies and found out I love sewing. Now my daughter is here I'm finding I can sew all different kinds of things! I havent been very active on it in awhile but here is my website

autumn_icemaiden at yahoo dot com

mrsweiss said...

hi im nicole, im 23 im a stah to an 8 month old boy and 2 dogs and the wife of a sailor :)

Anonymous said...

I am Deanna, 37. Currently, I am SAHM to 6 years old and 5 months old boy. I lost my job during maternity leave. I am trying to decide whether to become WAHM or finding a job outside of the house.

yuki_atwork at hotmail dot come

Tannis said...

My name is Tannis, I'm 27, married, no kids yet... hopefully someday yet.

tannis_z at excite dot com