Saturday, July 23, 2011

WIN A SNAP PRESS: Information Box (Closed)

Current prize pool: 1 snap press + 6 snap pliers (7 winners total)

Here is today's chance to enter to win a snap press or pliers. This post will be closed to new comments once a new post is opened tomorrow.

Go to the Information box on the right column of Click on 2 links that you have never visited before and comment to this post 1 thing you have learned from each of those 2 links.

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment, in the form of sales at kamsnaps dot com (to combat those spambots) if you want us to contact you if you win.

Limit 1 comment to this post, but check back on our blog tomorrow for another chance to enter. Giveaway ends on 8/1. Winners will be drawn from among all daily entries and will have 48 hours to contact us to claim their prize.

Remember, to qualify as a winner, you'll need to "like" us on Facebook first.

For complete giveaway rules and details in case you missed it earlier, visit


Jessie said...

I did not know you did price matching as well as hada reward point system. Very cool! mclouthjessie at

AprilMayAugust said...
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AprilMayAugust said...

I clicked on the Referral Special link. I learned that you can refer someone when they spend $40. You can receive a code good for a 200 snap set on your next purchase of $32 or more.

I also clicked on the About Us link. I learned more about Judy and how came to be, because of her love of dogs. Very sweet!

melissa0582 (at) gmail (dot) com
(sorry, I forgot my e-mail, again!)

Trudy said...

You recommend that the press and dies be wiped down prior to use and attach a few snaps on discard fabric to clean the dies out. AND KAM snaps are made from polyacetal resin,a really hard material

tmowell at cinci dot rr dot com

Two Hip-Peas said...

Wow...I learned that you are a family company based in California & that you recently started carrying engraved dinosaur & cars caps!!!

Mommyto4 :) said...

CPSIA Complience link- KAM snaps are tested to make sure that they are made from non-harmful substances

Fabric color matching- You all offer a very helpful fabric color matching for common diapers.

jcmcw730 at gmail dot com

Luna Wolfe said...

I did not know that KAM snaps are CPSIA compliant, I figured as much but I wasn't sure. I was also unaware of reward points, for every one dollar spent you get one point. That is very cool!

kayla bondy said...

I had actually never read the "about us" tab. and i've learned how kamsnaps started! which is actually a very good admirable beginning.
i also read the "referral" tab, and learned about the awesome referral program!

burd_k at hotmail dot com

Brooke said...

From the "about us" tab I learned that you have the largest selection and best prices for heavy duty polyresin plastic snaps, line metal snaps, professional snap presses, as well as hand snap pliers.

From the "rewards points" tab I learned that once I have accumulated 100 Reward Points, we will email a gift certificate to you good for $5 off your next purchase. Gift certificates are issued 14 days after you have accumulated 100 Reward Points.

gwc08gmg11 at gmail dot com

Katherine said...

I learned about the things your created for your rescue dogs.

I learned that orders under $28 have a flat shipping rate of $5.

ceit1776 at yahoo dot com

Rishel said...

i learned you have snaps that match the gdiapers

and that you guys have a reward system which is pretty awesome

babydraco_18_2006 at yahoo dot com

Angela Noelle said...

I learned that you can refer and friend and get free snaps - how cool is that!

and... that you guys do reward points - which is pretty awesome!

aparker528 at gmail dot com

Lacee said...

I clicked on Terms of Service and learned that the snap count may not be exact because they are packaged by weight (which totally makes sense!)... and I clicked on Referral Special and learned that if you refer a new customer and they buy $40 worth of products, KamSnaps will send the referrer a code good for 200 complete resin snap sets with the next order of at least $32... very cool!

irishgirlforgod AT yahoo DOT com

Pearl said...

Gift certificates are good for 90 days, and for a price match, you need to be emailed prior to purchase to set up a special order page.

pbochen0210 at cox dot net

TheLangs said...

I learned that you price matched and that you can refer a friend and get free snaps!

primaballerina2009 at gmail dot com

Diana said...

I found out you have a great referral program!
I also found out that you have rewards points. 1 point for each dollar spent.
goldiez at hotmail dot com

Joshy'sNan said...

I learned that you're involved with doggy rescue and that part of the sales go to supporting this. I also learned that you have some great clearance specials.

Megpin said...

Refer a friend and get free snaps? Awesome!!
lights 106 at yahoo dot com

Cindy said...

I visited the Terms of Sale link and learned that snaps are packed by weight, and may not be exactly the number ordered.
And I visited the CPSIA Compliance link and found out that the plastic snaps have been tested and contain no harmful substances:)
c3rdxacharm at yahoo dot com

MichelleSG said...

You guys have a very nifty tutorial section (that includes conversions) and a color matching picture section for G diapers.
Michellesgfbrn at gmail dot com

The Fancy Pansy said...

I didn't know that reward certificates expire 90 days after issue (drat!), or that you price match!

thefancypansy at gmail dot com

Kim said...

Very excited to read that the snaps are CPSIA Compliant.... assumed so, but good to find the info! :)

Also fun to read about how KamSnaps started! :)

eggointheoven at hotmail dot com

Charity said...

From the "CPSIA Compliance" link, I learned that Kam plastic snaps and other plastic products have been tested for harmful substances, but the metal ones haven't.

From the "Terms of Sale" link, I learned that snaps are packaged by weight, and not individually counted.

charity.friesen at gmail dot com

samikins81 said...

how kamsnaps got started and u have colour matching for gpants

Sunflower Joy said...

learned that all sales are final and there are no returns right now to keep the prices low. Also learned you have snaps that will match popular prints and diapers

anjellfire at gmail dot com

Sandy - 6Pair said...

I was not aware of your price match policy or your reward program. Very impressive!

Mark G said...

1. Getting Started FAQ - I learned that you can use a dremel or soldering tool to remove problem snaps.
2. CPSIA Compliance - I learned that Hualian Garment Component Enterprise Co., Ltd. has OEKO-TEX standard 100 certifacation for their plastic KAM snaps.

chs dot fairyblogmother at yahoo dot com

CrystalS said...

I learned about your reward program and that this is a family based company.

crystalstpierre1 at gmail dot com

jdeemarie said...

I had no idea you had so many colors available, including snaps to match many of my favorite diapers (BGs). I also didn't know snaps were available in so many different sizes.

I also learned that you have a price match policy (I love it when stores do that!!!)

jdeemarie @

piorra said...

I didnt know about your refferal program or that you offer price matching (as long as you are contacted before we purchase the item.)
Stearnsrach at gmail dot com

trishltk said...

I didn't know you had a referral special where if you refer someone and they buy at least $40 worth of product you get 200 free snaps. I also didn't know that you accepted google checkout and money orders as forms of payment.

trishltk at shaw dot ca

Anonymous said...

1. via Fabric Color Matching-learned that you have a list to match the colors for gDiapers!
2. via Referral Special- learned that if I refer a new customer who purchases at least $40 worth of stuff, I get a code good for 200 complete resin snap sets with an order of $32 or more!

smoo06 at yahoo dot com

Julianna said...

I didn't know you price matched and I also learned on the new products page that you have dinosaur engraved snaps now.


Misty said...

"Price Match Policy"-I'd heard about this, but never read into it. Its good to know that the gift certificates and coupons cannot be used in conjunction with the price match.

"About Us"-I'm SO glad I clicked on that. I'm so happy about the wonderful help you've given to all of those dogs! Its a wonderful start to the KAMsnap company and am curious to the dog treats (I'll be checking that link out next!).

mlgillespi at gmail dot com

Katherine C said...

I learned about your price match policy (which I didn't know you had at all) and I learned that you have snaps to match gDiaper colors (I've used bumGenius colors and LOVE them).

kayclaytor at yahoo dot com

KLW520 said...

Learned that all sales are final - no returns - and that keeps the prices cheap! :)
Rewards Points: $1 = 1 point & you earn a $5 certificate after 100 points.
klwalley520 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned about shipping to Canada, very reasonable!!!$5-$8 for Priority mail depending on your orders value. Great!
I also love that you have a rewards program, I had never noticed that before!!

pieterchantal at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

DK98 snap press is back in stock! Which you will price match if someone has the same one for lower if sent the link before placing an order.

Lisa dot caballero at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned that the snap presses and many colors and sizes of snaps are back in stock. I also read about the rules to price matching.


Ann said...

About Us- I learned that it is a family business, and how it got started.
Referral Special- I learned how it works, very cool :)

Tara said...

Referral Special link - I learned about your referral program and codes.
I also read about your price match policy, which i hadn't know about.
taraz9 at excite dot com

k8thagr8 said...

so i learned that you have snaps that match gdiapers/gpants. i had seen the BG ones before, but never the gdiapers.

i also learned that you have a price match policy. very cool!!!!

k8thagr8 at hotmail dot com

Wendy said...

I learned that snaps are CPSIA compliant. I also learned that size 16 caps can be used with size 20 sockets and studs, which is way cool!


burnswater said...
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burnswater said...

I learned that you have an ongoing list of new and back in stock items under the heading of Newly Added Products....which could be my downfall...:0 Also, I Learned there are lots of Helping suggestions in the Getting Started FAQ's, which seem very helpful...Thanks!

Alisha Rottger
agrottger at sbcglobal dot net

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

I learned that started because of dogs with special needs, Popeye in particular. I've always loved how dogs missing limbs never seem to let it bother them. Missing an arm myself I can *Kinda* relate
I've also learned why a transaction still shows up on your creditcard even when it didn't go through for whatever reason and why it takes a couple days to go back. (I've had that problem with trying to print mailing labels and printer not working right. The charges still showing up on my card for the next couple days. One time I tried printing a medium flat rate box 10 different times, that was about $100 outta my checking account for a couple days!)

autumn_icemaiden at yahoo dot com

rose414 said...

I learned you have an awesome referral program- 200 complete sets free if your referral spends $40!
Also, that I can now order custom color bags to fill out my sample card:) Which I am so happy I ordered!