Monday, July 25, 2011

Size 14 Long Prong Caps in New Colors

We have added a few of our most popular colors in size 14 long-prong plastic snaps. Size 14 caps have the smallest diameter (9.74mm) of all the snaps we carry. The standard prong length is only 3.5mm tall, which is too short for most applications. These longer prongs have a length of 5.0mm, making them usable in a wider range of applications. Available on the Size 14 product page under the Plastic Snaps category:

**Note that sizes 14 and 16 plastic snaps have identical studs and sockets--only the caps are different.

To convert mm to inches, please refer to this chart:

Plastic Snaps

Size Cap Diameter Standard Prong Length Long Prong Length
14 9.74mm
16 10.7mm
4.2mm 5.2mm, 6.2mm, 7.2mm
20 12.4mm
5.6mm 6.2mm
24 15mm
7.5mm n/a