Saturday, March 19, 2011

Days for Girls / Project Thrive Spotlight

We recently blogged about the efforts of volunteers at Home of Grace Care Centre to provide cloth pads and bags to the teenage girls and women of Kenya, most of whom must miss days, even weeks, of schooling or work every month because they can't afford supplies for their menses.

The Days for Girls program at Project Thrive serves a similar purpose. Comprised solely of volunteers, the organization makes, collects, and then distributes feminine hygiene kits all over Africa.

"We have one of your snap KAM machines at Days for Girls headquarters. Days for Girls is an all volunteer international network that began three years ago and from the beginning your snap machine and snaps have been with us. Today we have served almost 4,000 women (that's a lot of snaps!) and donors purchase snaps from you and send them our way.

It's a vital project. Every month women in developing nations face days with no solution to feminine hygiene. Simple sustainable hygiene kits help girls stay in school, reduce infection and face less discrimination at home, in society or the workplace.

Thank you for your quality supplies and again, thank you for featuring this important issue."

With Warm Regards,
Celeste Mergens
International Executive Director

For more information on this program and to get involved, visit Project Thrive at You can also find Days for Girls on Facebook.


B.C. Fleecy said...

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