Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home of Grace Care Center Spotlight

Home of Grace Care Centre is one of the non-profit organizations that KAMsnaps.com supports. They have a wonderful mission and we'd like to make more people aware of it.

"Girls and women in developing countries have little or nothing to help them manage their menses, and as a result are missing school or work rather than risking discomfort or ridicule. The effect of these missed days is devastating, with girls missing up to 20% of their education and thereby increasing the likelihood of dropping out, earlier marriage and pregnancy as well as limiting career options.

When we heard that many teenage girls drop out of school because they don’t have the funds required to purchase quality sanitary pads, we wondered what we could do to help. We were amazed when several companies including yours, generously donated all the materials to make 300 cloth pads and 30 wet/dry bags. Over 30 women in Hamilton came together last summer to sew the pads. They were hand delivered to Home of Grace Care Centre in Kenya in August, a care centre for orphans and widows. These cloth pads now provide 30 girls and women in Kenya with a long lasting option and give them the opportunity to go to school, keep a job, and continue their regular activities during their cycle. They are so grateful! We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

100 Huntley Street - a one hour television program on CTS and Canada’s longest running daily talk show, and Full Circle - a live, open-forum discussion on current news issues also on CTS both featured an 8 minute special report on the Pad Parties that were taking place in Hamilton to assemble these 30 sanitary pad kits.

Watch the Pad Party 8 minute special report on YouTube: http://bit.ly/Pad_Party
Watch episode of Full Circle: http://bit.ly/PadParty_FullCircle

After these two shows aired, we were inundated with requests to do this event again! People all over Canada emailed to ask how they can start their own Pad Parties in their area. Many people are being inspired to donate their time and resources to helping others less fortunate than themselves. This couldn’t have happened without your initial donation.

And we do want to do it again. Our contact in Kenya assures us that there are many, many needy girls and women in her community who would benefit from a quality reusable kit of sanitary pads. We’ve got a dedicated team of seamstresses and helpers ready to serve again in making 500 more pads and 50 wet/dry bags for women in Kenya! Volunteers will be traveling to Kenya over the next few months and are happy to deliver them for us. And we’re asking if once again you’ll step up to the plate and help us by donating.

Any donation would be so much appreciated by our group and especially by these young women in Kenya. Thank you for your generous support!

Heidi VanderKwaak and Cathy Fairley
Plus 30 other dedicated volunteers in Hamilton"

Visit the Home of Grace Care Centre website to find out how you can help.