Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Super Duper Creative Cloth Diapers with KAM Snaps

KAM plastic snaps are among the most affordable, durable, and industrial-grade snaps on the market. That's why they're the brand most commonly used on commercially made cloth diapers.  You may think you've seen cloth diapers, but here are a just a few of the more creative ones that our customers have shared with us.  They all use KAM snaps of course!

Zombie Diaper by That's Sew Baby

Rainbow Scrappy Diaper with Removable Ruffles by Honeybums

Dinosaur Diaper by Cadoozled

Girasol Wrap Diaper by Rock-a-bye Booty

Removable Mustache Diaper by Cadoozled

 Stained Glass Diaper by Cozy's Fluff

Embroidered Believe Diaper by Luckystar Diapers

Cupcake Diaper by Bunzuke Cloth

Peacock Diaper by Bunzuke Cloth

Cheshire Cat Diaper by Bunzuke Cloth

 Removable Ruffle & Matching Skirt Diaper by Diaper Donks