Sunday, September 9, 2012 Mark-Down Monday Sale: 100 Snaps for $2

On Sept 10, 2012, for 1 day only, get 100 complete sets (that's 200 caps, 100 sockets, and 100 studs) of F Medium Brown in size 20 glossy for just $2 here.  That's over 60% off!

Color: F Medium Brown. F Medium Brown is almost identical to B6 Dark Brown and can easily be confused for the same color in less than bright lighting. F Medium Brown is ever so slightly lighter than B6 Dark Brown and is a near perfect match to the PUL color called Medium Brown which was previously offered under the Fabrite brand but which now is carried under various brands.

Mark-Down Mondays happen at the 1st Monday of every month (with the exception of this month due to the Labor Day holiday falling on the 1st Monday).

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