Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Storing Your Snaps

Now that you've got a bunch of snaps, what's the most convenient way to store them? Here are some suggestions offered by our creative customers:

Ice Cube Tray

Storage Organizer Cabinet
(photo courtesy of Caroline H. has good deals on these, or check your local home improvement store)

Stack-On Organizer
(photos courtesy of Barb H.)

Bead Container
(can be purchased at Michaels)

Baby Food Jars
(photo from painted the lids; aren't they cute?)

Recycled Food Containers
(photo courtesy of Mud Butt
Cloth Diapers)

Hanging Containers
(photo courtesy of Caroline H. This particular set is part of the Bygel collection at
IKEA and features removable cup containers on a towel rack.)

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