Monday, February 13, 2012

101 Uses for KAM Snaps: Interchangeable Head Bands & Decorative Closures

We offer fun heart and star shaped snaps in addition to the basic round ones. These not only make practical closures but add a dash of fun. Here are just a few samples of how KAM shaped snaps can add that little extra wow to projects.

A star snap was used in the center of the flower and allows the flower to be detached so the headband can be mixed and matched with other accessories. Made by Kozzy Bottoms.

Star snap closures embellish the already beautiful design on this gymnastics costume. Photo courtesy of Mayte C.M.

KAM heart snaps decorate the front of this adorable Smitten Lovebirds dress, as well as provide matching closures on the back. Smitten Lovebirds dress made by Cheryl at Sew Can Do.

You'll need either a snap press or our pliers for plastic snaps to install these shaped KAM snaps. Please note that the hearts use the same cap die as the regular round size 20 caps. The star caps are ever so slightly larger so will will require a different cap die.