Thursday, March 4, 2010

Share your snap tutorial for a chance to earn a gift certificate

We know you creative snappers are out there. Please share with us your tutorials on how you use your snaps, press, or pliers. Did you convert your hand press to a foot press? Did you mount your snap pliers? If so, show us how! How do you make snap-on pacifier ribbon clips? Or use snaps on curtains, pads, towels? You get the idea. Be creative!

Tutorials can be in written-with-photos format or in YouTube video format. Clear, concise, easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions should be included in each tutorial. If we post your tutorial on our website, we will credit your name and website if desired. We will also issue a $15 gift certificate for each tutorial posted. An additional $10 bonus gift certificate (for a total of $25) will be given to selected tutorials.

By submitting your tutorial, you are granting permission to use your photos, writing, and/or videos on our website. There is no official deadline for submissions as we are always interested to learn how you use your snaps. However, earlier submissions for the same tutorial will have a better chance of being used on our website.


AnniesArtifacting said...

Geez, I wish I had a tutorial for the chance for a gift certificate, but unfortunately, I guess I need to actually buy some of these beautiful and simple looking (to use) snaps for the baby clothes that I am making via crochet, knitting and even-I can't believe I'm even trying it-sewing.

Could you just send a small gift certificate for applauding this product?


They look so easy to use, and the colors are amazing.

Finding patterns for a boy baby is so difficult, not to mention the "doo-dads" and "gee-gaws", as my grammy would have said, that you need for finishing these projects!

I cannot believe that I found this wonderful product through ebay!!!

I won't buy it there, as the only seller that's selling them is in the orient, and I've been burned too many times by oriental sellers...

I'm already drooling, and I don't have the money saved yet to even buy one set...

Great job on a beautiful and functional product!!

Blessings to you for your company, and those who are close to you all.

I will be reading your blog page from now on!!

In Reading PA (at home due to disability and very lonely during the day) (=

Kirks Korner said...

I really like the Kamsnaps. I use snaps on just about all my crafts and it's a snap. I like the tutorial of the binky. That's my next craft on the list of things to make...