Tuesday, March 23, 2010

$999 Shipping Glitch on Google Checkout

If you place an order on our website and use Google Checkout, every once in a while you may come across $999 as the shipping charge. Google Checkout defaults to $999 when the server is too slow and doesn't connect to our website within 3 seconds. This is a back-end issue which we have no control over.

However, if it does happen to you, just go back to your Shopping Cart page (you can do this by clicking on the Edit Order link on the Google Checkout page, located on the right hand side just above the Price column -- or simply click on the Back button of your browser).

Once back on the Shopping Cart page, click on the Google Checkout button to try again. Since connection usually does happen sooner than the 3 seconds allotted, you shouldn't see the $999 anymore. But if the problem does persist, please select another payment method by going back to your Shopping Cart and clicking on the plain Checkout button.

We did try to change the Google Checkout default amount to more accurately reflect what real shipping should be, but we have been told that $999 still sometimes shows up. This is a glitch that is difficult for us to correct because it only happens on chance occasions when the server is slow so we haven't been able to duplicate the problem on command.

If this should happen to you, we apologize for any inconvenience.