Tuesday, May 31, 2016

KAM Snaps Sale Starts Today

We're starting our 1-day sale early so it's actually a 2-day sale. Here are just some of the items on sale at www.KAMsnaps.com through June 1:

- all DK93 professional presses, including a limited-time mega bundle with snaps & dies for size 20 plastic, size 16 plastic, size 16 open-ring metal, double-sided snaps, and removal dies

- for those who already own a press, we have just the bundle with size 16 open-ring metal snaps & dies

- a bundle of DK93 dies to install 3 different types/sizes of metal snaps (this is almost 50% off so it's a great deal!)

- size 16 open-ring metal snaps

- size 20 standard plastic snaps are 10% off when you order 10+ packs of 100 sets. Packs of 1,000 full sets per color are also 10% off. (Price on the website is already discounted to reflect this.)
http://bit.ly/1XL5D3c (100 sets)
http://bit.ly/1Y0tnAV (1000 sets)

- prepackaged multi-color bundles of size 20 plastic snaps are 15% off when you buy $35 or 20% off when you buy $50 of any combination of multi-color packs and use coupon COLORS at checkout. (Limit 1 coupon per order. Coupons cannot be combined.)

- big organizer containers of size 20 plastic snaps. (Price on the website is already discounted to reflect the sale.)

- we found a few more geeky snaps, and all proceeds go to charity!

- multi-color bundles of shaped snaps (stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies)

- our entire stock of plastic pacifier clips in both wide & narrow styles. We have a big selection to choose from right now, while supplies last.

- removal pliers

- size 16 plastic snaps when you buy 10+ packs of 100 sets. (Price on the website is already discounted to reflect the sale.)

There are lots of other things I haven't listed so browse our store and you just might find a good deal on something you've had your eye on. Don't forget, we'll be having another sale on July 1 so if you're not finding what you want this time, you might be in luck next time.

We're family owned and operated (it's just me & a very patient --luckily for me!-- hubs) and we rely heavily on word of mouth so please help us spread the word.